Daddy’s Last Dance

I thought I’d repost an edit to a poem that is about what many single women dream of. :) You were watching me from around the corner As I cluelessly peeked into the… Continue reading

Why Positivity and Good Vibes Fail

Our faith needs an anchor that is sure. Not some lingering cloud of good vibes floating above us. Our lives must be anchored onto something that we know is stronger than ourselves. Something real. Not imagined. Something powerful. Not pumped up. Something alive. Not something that gives way when we let go. Because we all will come to a point when we will want to let go.

morning sprint in wan chai (day 2)

I don’t run. I don’t jog either. And though I am aware of the benefits of brisk walking, I think it’s way too boring for me unless I really am on my way… Continue reading

Back in Hong Kong

Hello everyone! I am back in Hong Kong, so soon! I’m here for a 247Prayer conference and to get some time off from work. I don’t really want to go shopping. Anyone care… Continue reading

Spirit of Elijah by Rick Pino – Chords and Lyrics

Heyo, looking for Rick Pino’s Spirit of Elijah chords? I loved listening to this song and thought I’d like to learn how to play it but could not find any chords online so… Continue reading

8 Things That Take the Stress and Bring the Gold Out of New Year’s Resolutions

If there’s an adjective that can accurately describe me at any day of the year, it’s “dissatisfied.” I am not just talking about this year (2014), but all the years of my life.… Continue reading

What’s Your Top 5 Noche Buena Meal Dishes?

How do you celebrate Christmas on your side of the globe? Here in the Philippines, the first thing that comes to mind when you say the word “Christmas,” is “Noche Buena” or the… Continue reading

The Dream That Died

The fragile dream the movie, the future in your head The life apart from when your eyes awake The string that pulls you running, fighting for that day, someday The fading dream The… Continue reading

Where There’s Sunlight

Write where there’s sunlight Passing through a clear glass wall To glow on careless pages And scatter shadows on your desk To catch your downcast eyes And bring a glimmer where it dries… Continue reading

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