You’re Something, Stranger

There are words I wanna say
But I can’t seem to get them out
I would risk looking like a psycho
It’s been 10, I still remember you

I swear to God, I have changed
This is not what my ideal self would do
But there are words I have to say, yeah
I gotta say them or I’m exploding

Sometimes I wonder if you’re the real deal
And one too many times I feel I’m disillusioned
To think—that I feel and that I know you

When you say pain, I feel my heart throb
When you say love, I remember God
When you say nothing, I know that you’re travailing
Your emotions well up
Inside me, like vivid paragraphs

Do I know you
Or do I just want your company
On this road of the lonely
Your words console me
With empathy
But I’m freaking scared
This will be the end of me
If I’ll keep on thinking there’s a connection
Or consolation
When all there is, is my imagination

So this is me and my empathy
I’ll hear you out when no one’s listening
But these few lines, I really had to say
It’s the only way to get through this day

‘Coz I really think you are something
I wish you all the best in everything

And stranger, though we’re isles apart
It’s stranger that I seem to know your heart

Featured Photo by Javardh on Unsplash