You’re Something, Stranger

There are words I wanna say
But I can’t seem to get them out
I would risk looking like a psycho
It’s been 10, I still remember you

I swear to God, I have changed
This is not what my ideal self would do
But there are words I have to say, yeah
I gotta say them or I’m exploding

Sometimes I wonder if you’re the real deal
And one too many times I feel I’m disillusioned
To think—that I feel and that I know you

When you say pain, I feel my heart throb
When you say love, I remember God
When you say nothing, I know that you’re travailing
Your emotions well up
Inside me, like vivid paragraphs

Do I know you
Or do I just want your company
On this road of the lonely
Your words console me
With empathy
But I’m freaking scared
This will be the end of me
If I’ll keep on thinking there’s a connection
Or consolation
When all there is, is my imagination

So this is me and my empathy
I’ll hear you out when no one’s listening
But these few lines, I really had to say
It’s the only way to get through this day

‘Coz I really think you are something
I wish you all the best in everything

And stranger, though we’re isles apart
It’s stranger that I seem to know your heart

Featured Photo by Javardh on Unsplash

I Want to Wake Up

child and plane playing
Image via lotus pocus focus

I want to wake up to the sound of waves slapping against the shore
On and on like a soothing rise up call

I want to wake up to the sound of rushing seas
It reminds me of the children’s zest for life
Tugging at my sleeve, giggling playfully
Like waves they run to-and-fro with Ocean’s energy
I want to wake up to this sound
To the sound of joy unquenchable and eyes that never lose their sparkle, that wonder…

Wake me up to the wild blue’s invitation
To the bold and simple, to a dauntless adventure
That children have mastered
And we hope to learn again

This Quiet

This quiet
Isn’t really quiet
Soft music
Voices from across the aisle
Morning sun
And building’s fluorescent
Wooden table, like forrest
On glossy tiles

This quiet
Isn’t really quiet
A book
Electronic mail
From peripheral eye
A white sheet
For writing
And thoughts
Are wrestling

Everything is quiet when no one hears
Your thoughts,
Loud as fingers typing,
They fall away
Then strangers stare into your eyes

Everything is quiet when you are shouting
In your mind
Your words leave marks
On no one but you

Everything is quiet when you are

Mouth shut
Heart pounding,
Breathing easily,
The way you are,
This morning –
Like every other

The Dream That Died

The fragile dream
the movie, the future in your head
The life apart from
when your eyes awake
The string that pulls you
running, fighting for that day,

The fading
The chords that bring you
to that future, snaps
The path into that one day,
The picture in you head remains
The life of it departs
It parts from you
It’s harder now to keep your eyes

The dream that died
You hold it here
It’s everything but dead
The colors just as vivid
The movement more real
Desire is even greater than before
But who can take
That it is lifeless now?

But things, they die
Like people,
they leave at their appointed time
Ready or not,
life takes away from you
It takes, and leaves you
with a vacuum in you heart

Like the fallen
In your arms
It seems
he’s only sleeping
Then he begins to pale
And warmth begins to leave
Sometimes, it takes a lifetime to believe
‘Cause when you shut your eyes
He lives

Take time to grieve
A dream that died
Take time to shed
The tears of letting go
Take time to grieve
A dream that cannot live
Take time to shed
The tears of holding on

Where There’s Sunlight

sunlight in the morning on desk
Image via

Write where there’s sunlight
Passing through a clear glass wall
To glow on careless pages
And scatter shadows on your desk
To catch your downcast eyes
And bring a glimmer where it dries

Write where there’s sunlight
Even if it’s just to softly linger
Caressing dimly corners
Behind the curtains for a peek
Playing hide and seek
The sun, it shows you things you don’t see
Or seek

As it silently lands where your eyes gaze,
And rises up to where your heart thumps
It touches you with warmth, and something
inside you flickers…
As you bask in it
The gossamer shadows flee
And something sparkles
Where once
Were only things hidden, concealed

It’s Time to Write

image via
image via

It’s time to write
Again, it’s time to feel the bite

Flip through that dusty pile
Of abandoned thoughts
And neglected invitations
To truths denied

Ponder memories
That rock you out of sleep
You are a boat
The river is your lullaby

Rush to where
The currents wait
It’s time to write
Again, it’s time to ride
The river fearful, the river wild

The Shore is Not the Ocean

image via Papemelroti
image via Papemelroti

I never thought I’d come to love the ocean
I used to die of boredom wading in the sea
But it must be ’cause I only swam along its shores
And clung to safety and familiarity

But the shore is not the ocean
Its shallow waters, is only its skin
To get to know the ocean, you have to go beyond the precipice
To bravely ride its raging waves
To search its treasures deep below
To be engulfed inside its vastness
To dance in cadence with its gentleness
To sway the rhythm of its forceful breaths

I Used to Think People Here Are Mean But Now I’m Happy to Accept An Award :)

There is a certain ecstasy one experiences when he finds a special connection with another writer’s poetry, stories, other writings, or even photography, upon consuming it. When I started out on WordPress, I never thought that such would be the treasures I will find—­­people I can share with, passion for words, life and faith, no matter how far across the globe they are. Super precious!

Thus, I’m really thankful to have been reminded by WordPress a 6 days ago, of 7 years of blogging! It’s my 7th year anniv on WordPress! Oh yeah! I used to think that the Internet is a scary place to be “in,” but now I know, that the WordPress community is an exception. 🙂 To all the real “likes” as well as the “courtesy likes” on my blog, if there’s such a thing, thank you. For all the “real” follows and the “self-promotion–motivated follows,” thank you! Thank you for making yourself known in order for me to discover your precious websites and meaningful writing.

I am, admittedly, quite a self-centered person. Blogging in a community like this, has taught me to sort of step out of my little world and start listening and appreciating what other writers have got to say about life. It has also encouraged me a lot in terms of my writing, especially when people appreciate my work. Yey. So in line with this, I would like to thank amandalyle1986 of for nominating me for the Liebster Blog Award. See nomination here. Years back, I had always turned down awards but this one seems to worth a try (?); it came from someone whose blog I’m already following. I don’t really know what it means to accept this nomination or award, nonetheless, I feel honored to be nominated by someone whose writings I immensely admire! So thank you, Amanda. You’re awesome. 🙂

According to amandalyle1986, I should do the following to “accept” the award:

Rules for accepting this Liebster:

  • Thank the blogger that nominated you (Moi!)
  • Either, write a small poem – less than 30 words – describing your blog and/or you, or alternatively,  Choose five things/people to banish to ROOM 101.
  • Nominate 3 worthy fellow bloggers and post a comment on their blog informing them they are nominated/awarded.

I really like “Choose five things to banish” because there are a couple I’d like to banish right now. But I might become too emotional about banishing them that this blog post might shift into R18, so let me just write a small poem! I do not like describing my blog so maybe I can change the rules a bit! Thanks Amanda for saying we can change the rules! 😀

So I’ll write a poem, instead, about the things I want to banish. But it’s not less than 30 words! New rules, remember?:

License to Kill

One mosquito
And and three bites
Rashes burn
Like temper turning dynamite

One little pester
Buzzing ’round
You wish to zap it dead
But you could hardly
Follow its sound!

Switch the lights on
Interrupt the peaceful night
Writing poetry’s
Turned into a hunter’s plight

Breath a deep one
See it from your squinting eyes
As high speed motion blurs

You’ve entered ninja mode
And a second turns to tree
You hit it with clenched fingers
Blood! And victory 😉

Don’t hate me
Writing poetry gives me license to kill

(Disclaimer: I’m not mean towards insects and animals. This poem is fictional and just for fun. It does not express my sentiment towards mosquitoes, okay? Cheers!)

And here are my nominations… There are several blogs I love to read, but these ones are some of my faves:

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I don’t know why it only has to be three. So if you’re on the lookout for more poetry, do check out these blogs as well!


Max Miller Poetry

Ah so there we go, I’m done with my duties for this post. See you all next time and have a great week!

❤ riz