morning sprint in wan chai (day 2)

I don’t run. I don’t jog either. And though I am aware of the benefits of brisk walking, I think it’s way too boring for me unless I really am on my way somewhere “brisk walking.” But this morning, I tried to do a combination of these three. Exploring the streets of Wan Chai, and crossing several traffic lights, I did my version of a “morning run,” tourist style (meaning with a mobile phone and occasionally stopping to take a quick photo here and there while trying not to look foreign (as if that were possible). This was to compensate for my inability to do my usual workout this week due to our trip.

After the really brief “morning sprint,” I learned several more benefits of morning exercise for a traveler, namely:

1. Best lighting for your photographs. I’m no photographer but we all understand this. Natural light in the morning is perfect. Good for your health too (I mean, morning sun is)  – Vit D!

2. You get to scout the place (and find a thrift shop with neat items). So as not to get distracted from your exercise, don’t stop over unless you are on your way back, or else you’ll end up shopping instead of exercising.

thrift shop in wan chai hong kong3. It’s a great preparation for marketing. Yes, if you want to buy meat, fruits, or vegetables, it’s fun to do it without competition and while the goods are still really fresh ‘coz the delivery trucks are just unloading and the stores have just opened.

Untitled4. You get to see the city (or village) while the world is still asleep.

(I’m sorry sir with the orange jacket for taking a photograph of this playground while you are sleeping on the bench. Don’t worry, your face doesn’t show. 😉 )

sleeping man on bench5. You get to treat yourself to breakfast. A piece of advice (to Filipinos), if you’re buying hakao, just say “hakao”! I tried to say shrimp dumplings (‘coz that’s what’s written on the menu), then they said to point on the menu the item I want. They also asked, “hakao?” I said, “Yes, hakao!” Language barrier solved. There wasn’t any after all.

By the way, the shrimp dumplings (hakao) were perfect! I believe they would have tasted great still even without the soy sauce! The wrapper is firm but soft and yummy, does not fall apart. The shrimp/s inside are not tiny and difficult to detect.

dimsum stand in wan chaihakao shrimp prawn dumplingsAnd there goes the added benefits of jogging in the morning if you are a tourist.

However, more than anything, for a morning person like me who loves to explore new places, nothing beats just getting out there to see where my feet take me while savoring the intoxicating flavor of my favorite time of the day.


I didn’t wake up that early though. I was out by 8AM and was back by 9.


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