Beach Appétit: My Serene Date With The Baby Waves

So I think I owe it to everybody to let us know than my friends and I went “surfing” the other other week on the still beach waters of San Juan, La Union, a surf site that is located five hours from where I live. It was not surf season. The sea was more quiet than an infinity pool. I wasn’t kidding when I said the beach was “still.” :)))

Did I know how to surf? And I didn’t tell you? No. I don’t know how to surf! I held a surf board for the first time and we had an instant connection which later translated to feelings of me wanting to sleep on it. (Because there were no waves to surf on it.) So I think I am coming back to LU (La Union) in November during surf season, after I learn to swim better and perhaps try some surf lessons at a nearby club where they have a pool for surfing.

Paddling anyone?

Since I cannot sleep on the surf board all day… (It is not practical. Why would I rent them just to sleep on them?) I tried some paddling tricks. Well, maybe not tricks — just.. paddling. Haha! Boring. But apparently my arms did not get bored. They ached the whole night after that.

I also tried the paddle board and it I had the most serene bonding time with the sea. I learned to welcome baby waves and learned to let them teach me how to let the board control me instead of the other way around. I love you baby waves, don’t let your mama scare me when I come back.




By the way, this is what it looks like to paddle board. (How I wish someone had taken a photo of me looking something like this!)

Image via Caribbean Paddling
Image via Caribbean Paddling

Jane’s subduing the paddle board. Shhhh… she’s concentrating…


Vanni headed out to the waters earlier than the rest of us on day 2 and conquered a boat for two on her own!

My friend Vanni kayaking for the first time ALL BY HERSELF!
My friend Vanni kayaking for the first time ALL BY HERSELF!


Seafood by the ocean

Nothing beats Filipino seafood dishes — some grilled squid, liempo (pork), and eggplant — while in front row seats with the ocean on infinity screen. (Why do I keep saying “infinity”?)

front row seats
front row seats
Seafood Platter @ Sebay Surf Central LU


A bit more classy breakfast. Still with the best view.

@ Kahuna Beach Resort for breakfast
@ Kahuna Beach Resort for breakfast


Kahuna Beach Club
Kahuna Beach Club view

Rocking chair nap

At the “house” we stayed at, this is my favorite chair. It rocks. I mean, it literally rocks back and forth. Hihi. It has super plush cushion it instantly lulls you to sleep, that is if you are not talking to someone like another guest in the house, which happened to me so I did not fall asleep. I was insomniac the whole day after spending the night there. We only spent one night by the way. 🙂

We found this beautiful house that rents out rooms and it was the perfect homey place to crash in. Jump out of the gate, roll down the path and you are on the beach in less than 60 seconds. And yes, the house was really beautiful — spacious interiors, cozy native furniture, laid back couches, classy bathroom, sunny balcony, and good air-conditioned bedrooms.


Rocking Me Chair - My fave spot in the house
My fave chair and spot in the house

It was something to whet our appetite for the ocean. One of my friends stayed a few more days after the two of us left the afternoon of our second day. Well then, goodbye baby waves. Let’s get together sometime November. 😉


Group Selfie!

Photo by Vanni via Selfie Pod!
Photo by Vanni via Selfie Pod!

Some helpful notes:

From Cubao Partas Bus Terminal, take a trip to Laoag and tell get off at San Juan, La Union. Trips are scheduled every hour.

Going back, take a tricycle to the bus terminal. Get a chance passenger number and wait for a bus traveling to Cubao or Pasay. You may or may not get a seat going back to Manila.

Overnight stay: P500/person/night (approx. US$12)

Long board rental: P200/hour ($4.50)

Paddle board rental: P200/hour

Kayak rental: P400/hour for 1 to 2 persons ($9)

Surf Lesson: P400/hour (P350 if you are staying at a hotel that offers lessons.)

Food: P150 to P350 per head depending on where you eat


4 thoughts on “Beach Appétit: My Serene Date With The Baby Waves

  1. “Nothing beats Filipino seafood dishes” – we definitely agree with you here. Nice photos. Maybe the baby waves would have grown up the next time you go back. 🙂


    1. hurray for grilled seafood!

      ah yes. they would no longer be “baby” waves when it’s surf season. and surf season is coming very soon.


    1. Thanks Lara! You know I told myself I’ll take note of our ride back home but I seriously forgot some details! What happened was we tried to wait for a ride along the highway where the bus dropped us off (around 3PM) but it was hard to catch the right bus pass by so we took a tricycle ride to a nearby bus station. I forgot the name of the place but the locals in the area recommended that. The tric ride was around 25 or 30 pesos. We got to something like a bus “station” (it wasn’t strictly a bus station because there was only a table where they gave out numbers and there were a few monoblock chairs) and they said there won’t be a bus going back to cubao or pasay until maybe 6pm but there came a bus around 5pm (i think). The thing is these buses do not arrive empty, usually a few passengers will get off. The chance of getting seats depends on whether the bus has a lot of passengers from its origin. We only waited around 30mins so we felt blessed. And there were a lot of vacant seats so we our numbers made ahead of the others enough to get us seated. I think it would be easier to travel back to manila an an earlier time. i am not so sure what’s the best time but maybe you can ask around a bit. 😉 are you planning on a trip to LU?


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