The Shore is Not the Ocean

image via Papemelroti
image via Papemelroti

I never thought I’d come to love the ocean
I used to die of boredom wading in the sea
But it must be ’cause I only swam along its shores
And clung to safety and familiarity

But the shore is not the ocean
Its shallow waters, is only its skin
To get to know the ocean, you have to go beyond the precipice
To bravely ride its raging waves
To search its treasures deep below
To be engulfed inside its vastness
To dance in cadence with its gentleness
To sway the rhythm of its forceful breaths


12 thoughts on “The Shore is Not the Ocean

    1. Hi wantaps 🙂 sorry for the late reply! Thank you so much for remembering me for this award! You’re inspiring too. Unfortunately, I’d have to decline. Lying low for a while due to a toxic schedule… Hopefully, I’ll be more in touch again with the blogosphere soon. 🙂 Keep writing!


      1. That’s fine! My purpose on that list is just for you to be aware how inspiring you are! Hope you’ll be fine with all that work you have to do! Hope to hear from you soon!


  1. Riz,

    As a Marylander, the title of this little poem really captured my attention. We alternatively call a trip to the beach either, “going to the shore,” or “down to the ocean.”

    Although the latter is usually pronounced in our regional dialect as “downy ocean.”

    So, I was pleasantly surprised to find a clever little poem urging me to be bold and brave enough to explore and experience life.

    Thanks for the smile!



    1. That is very interesting! I probably don’t even know what I’m talking about here but I sure hope to learn how to go “downy ocean” someday.

      Thank you for appreciating this poem and for sharing your thoughts! 🙂


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