Three Kinds of Prophet: Which One Are You?


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Photo (c) by pederk / Getty Images

The Lord showed me three kinds of prophets we have today in terms of how one handles a word of the Lord. All three have a prophetic gift and receive words from God that are meant to be released as a rebuke, correction, encouragement, or what-you-have. But what makes them different is not God’s word but how they handle it. Some of us prophets sometimes jump from one to the other.

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the blueprint prophetic art

A couple of months ago, right after a few weeks of storm, a young person in a special inter-church prayer meeting gave me this thing they call “prophetic art.”

I know it’s not exactly Da Vincci masterpiece kind of artwork, but tell you what, it was truly and powerfully prophetic.

More than a year ago, I read this book entitled “The Blueprint” by Jaeson Ma and it ruined my life in an unprecedented way. I never thought a book (other than the Bible) had the power to alter my decisions and philosophies in an absolute way. Until ‘The Blueprint.’

More than a year later (I think), I have been through seasons that should have washed away my determination to see a certain kind of revolution take place in the Philippine campuses. Well, it just wouldn’t go away. And though life today feels like a series of cycles that always  has a funeral somewhere in the cycle, I am surprised to find myself still kicking, not just alive, but kicking.

Thanks to sudden artworks that prophesy to you when you go to a meeting 2 hours away from where you live.

Convergence = Character + Charisma + Kairos

convergence is when your character, your charisma, and the kairos moment, all come together into convergence and you find yourself riding the wave of history. you’ve gotta pass the test if you’re gonna change the world. you’ve gotta be able to submit to authority and not get angry. you’ve gotta pass the test of blessing those who curse you and hurt you. you’ve gotta forgive those in church. church is the best place to get hurt. forgive your pastor and stop being bitter ’cause if you don’t you’ll never make it to your convergence. you’ll just go ’round the mountain with a bitter spirit.

your character has got to be able to contain your charisma ’cause there is an anointing that’s on you, a charisma that’s on you. but when your character has caught up with charisma, then there comes the kairos moment, the fullness of time, and suddenly everything changes in a day and joseph gets out of prison and is in the palace.

Lou Engle (Burn Class, Luke 18 SLP Teachings 2009)

What Am I Bid?

The following excerpt was taken from the book, Red Moon Rising, by Pete Greig and Dave Roberts:

What Am I Bid?

Suddenly I find myself in a giant hall. Surrounding me are thousands of young people, battered, bruised, and broken. Then suddenly, I hear a voice “What am I bid?”

A young girl stands out before the crowd of leering, sneering men. “What am I bid for this piece of flesh?”

The men start to cheer and shout figures: “Ten,” “Twenty,” “Fifty,” “One hundred.”

What can I do, God?

I start to bid. I have to save her. The cost becomes huge, and I begin to waiver. Can I afford this? What price will I pay?

The dream stops.

I’m alone again. But the faces are real enough: Sarah being sold into prostitution; Mike with a revolver in his mouth; Kat covered in cuts and bruises; John falling into crime; Laura alone and desperate; Steve, heroin needle bulging into his vein.

“What am I bid?”

The voice shatters the silence. The auction is on again. The bidding has begun. I continuous day and night until the end. Most of the bidders desire only use and abuse. Satan drives them on.

And so I find myself in the auction. Will I watch or will I bid? The price of a single life is huge. The currency is prayer. The cost is massive, but the prize is glorious. A life for a life.

What am I bid?

Written late one night in a Reading, U.K., Boiler Room

Army of the Dawn

In the dark hours before dawn, the youth begin to collect. The ground that was dry before now sparkles as far as the eye can see. It is the enemies’ worst nightmare to go to sleep, only to awake the next morning surrounded by an army that materialized out of thin air! What had been an empty field is now filled with soldiers whose weapons glint in the sunrise. Literally overnight, an army of devoted young people is going to arise out of this present darkness. This vast youth army is already mobilizing. Invisible now – Invincible later.

— Lou Engle

Dream: 3 Leaders and A Buffet

Last night, I dreamed of three people whom I can consider leaders.

In the dream, I was surprised to see Lou Engle. I was in a room with what seems like a dining table or conference table. It might be the VIP room in one of those bigger events that JREV holds. Then Lou appears and he was talking. He was talking about the newly bought polo shirt he’s wearing and how some of the buttons don’t seem to match the rest (or something to that effect). His tone was strong and persuasive. The person who was supposed to be listening and attending to him was not responding. To our surprise, the guy was already leaning sideways on long seat, as if he had fallen asleep. Then Lou begins to speak strongly a word that’s bordering on rebuke. Something that has to do with our attitude towards stewarding the Gospel message.

Then the few of us inside the room were asked to find a parter or to group into small groups of around 3. Then each one of us was supposed to think of an acronym like – ITALY, “I trust and love you.” I couldn’t think of any while the rest of those in the room were already speaking examples to their partners. I was embarrassed to not have a partner either. The only acronym that kept coming to me was ITALY and at first I had a hard time remembering what it meant. Then finally figured it out but I was concerned that it was already the same example given.

Then they seemed to have started video recording a scene in a story. Pastor Erich was part of it and seeing him look at me, I felt embarrassed again to be there so I stepped out.

Outside was a huge outdoor area of stone or pebble patio or balcony. I went to an extravagant buffet table to get food. I was excited at the privilege of being part of the buffet. Then my Dad came to the same buffet table and uncovers to me a certain dish (looked like a delicious Asian salad) and begins to tell me how to correctly get portions and serve that kind of dish because it was something new to us but very special. He was getting portions for two people whom he was serving, people that seemed to VIP’s in the event.

After my Dad scooped 4 ladels-full of the salad, I suddenly woke up from my dream! (How I wanted to eat from the buffet but unfortunately, I woke up already!)

I Will Send My Wind to Bring Clarification

Prophetic Word by Eileen Fisher via

“I Invite You to Come Out of the Wilderness”

The following corporate prophetic word was given by Eileen Fisher on July 5, 2011 during her weekly Prophetic School of the Holy Spirit meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado:

The Father would say, “I have called you each by name. I know each of you by name. I know where I am taking each of you by your name. I know where I have brought you from, by name. I know that I have written your name in the Book of Life. I know that you are hidden in Me, and now I ask that you allow yourself to be hidden in Me.

“I have placed you in My heart and now I would ask you to lay down all – all that would distract you from enjoying the pleasure of heart to heart. As you come to minister to Me, heart to heart, spirit to Spirit, life flows to and fro: to you, through you, back through Me, back through you. In turn you become living waters upon the dry ground, upon the desert, so that you can walk out of the wilderness flowing in the flow of My Spirit. Continue reading “I Will Send My Wind to Bring Clarification”

…And a Time to Reap

Some two nights ago, I had a dream. In the dream, I was with a friend who’s a former Ateneo alumnus in a place called Katipunan. The place we were in looked like a vast open space. Then I told my friend (in Tagalog) as if we’re trying to figure out how to split the property, “So shall we stand in the center with our backs to each other and you take everything that’s ahead of you and I’ll take the rest of the other side?” And in the dream there seemed to be a place where we can start a new church. I woke up from the dream excited because I believe it meant that God is giving us the territory and the harvest that goes with it. I have been praying with another friend for the Katipunan (Road) area where a lot of campuses are — both high school and college.

That same morning, I found that my sister had sent me an sms message. She forwarded to me the sms message of one of our young people describing how they had not stopped evangelizing because they were hungry for more souls. Right there I sensed that it is “time” and that God is sending us a signal to “go for the harvest.” Start evangelizing for I have given you the land. We have been sowing prayers. Now it’s time to reap souls!

Then just tonight, I learned from one of our JREV intercessors that she had recently enrolled in a university along Katipunan. The same university I have been praying for. And she’s excited to make disciples in her new campus. My eyes balls wanted to jump out. And my mouth flung wide open. Then “Let’s go do it!” I said. There you go… I’m lending her my copy of The Blueprint. We’re just in time for the opening of classes this June. C’mon, c’mon, aren’t we? 😀