You can’t swim in shallow water
Your can’t fly above the ground
You have to fan the flame to fire
Don’t settle for the easy round

Who will go with you to deeper waters
Or are there those that wait beyond?
Who will brave with you to higher places
They must let go of safety’s sound

Don’t hang around with heavy travelers
Who hate the burning heat of sun
Who say but, “Hush don’t start a fire.”
“Mellow down, please mellow down!”

You don’t belong to shores
But down the ocean
Where waters roar and spirits soar
You have to fuel fire and be burning
Let it burn, don’t let the vision drown



The Dream That Died

The fragile dream
the movie, the future in your head
The life apart from
when your eyes awake
The string that pulls you
running, fighting for that day,

The fading
The chords that bring you
to that future, snaps
The path into that one day,
The picture in you head remains
The life of it departs
It parts from you
It’s harder now to keep your eyes

The dream that died
You hold it here
It’s everything but dead
The colors just as vivid
The movement more real
Desire is even greater than before
But who can take
That it is lifeless now?

But things, they die
Like people,
they leave at their appointed time
Ready or not,
life takes away from you
It takes, and leaves you
with a vacuum in you heart

Like the fallen
In your arms
It seems
he’s only sleeping
Then he begins to pale
And warmth begins to leave
Sometimes, it takes a lifetime to believe
‘Cause when you shut your eyes
He lives

Take time to grieve
A dream that died
Take time to shed
The tears of letting go
Take time to grieve
A dream that cannot live
Take time to shed
The tears of holding on

Where There’s Sunlight

sunlight in the morning on desk
Image via http://gracecamblos.com/good-morning-world/

Write where there’s sunlight
Passing through a clear glass wall
To glow on careless pages
And scatter shadows on your desk
To catch your downcast eyes
And bring a glimmer where it dries

Write where there’s sunlight
Even if it’s just to softly linger
Caressing dimly corners
Behind the curtains for a peek
Playing hide and seek
The sun, it shows you things you don’t see
Or seek

As it silently lands where your eyes gaze,
And rises up to where your heart thumps
It touches you with warmth, and something
inside you flickers…
As you bask in it
The gossamer shadows flee
And something sparkles
Where once
Were only things hidden, concealed

It’s Time to Write

image via http://www.screencraft.org/blog/writing-toward-and-against-expectations/
image via http://www.screencraft.org/blog/writing-toward-and-against-expectations/

It’s time to write
Again, it’s time to feel the bite

Flip through that dusty pile
Of abandoned thoughts
And neglected invitations
To truths denied

Ponder memories
That rock you out of sleep
You are a boat
The river is your lullaby

Rush to where
The currents wait
It’s time to write
Again, it’s time to ride
The river fearful, the river wild

Not So Far Down the Road

Not so far down the road
I would want to sing like this
To sing and make the seams of a stubborn heart snap
To sing a song that makes the flat line jump
To sing the life out
To sing until the gasping could breathe
To pulverize the immovable doubt
To change the game
And send a wave rushing in
And lift the tendons of your suffered heart
Into a pieced together newness that once again can beat
without gasping, but with a strength that’s no longer shaken by the hurricane


These are days I would always cherish
Days when tears were wiped by an invisible God
My very first moments with Abba
as far as I’m concerned.
But as far as You could remember,
You had long been waiting.

These are days I’d embrace forever
Those when I spelled ‘your love’ with just a letter
And I defined it with just one Bible verse
I said I understood but I hardly even grasped a handful
(Yet my ignorance did not change your compassion
You loved me just as tenderly when I know as when I do not.)

These days I would take the memory to eternity
Twas when I said I’d do anything yet fall at the next breath
Days when I wanna love you more
Yet you did not let me
To make me understand how strong your love is
And how weak is mine
And that it will not change your affections
Even if it stayed that way

From stranger to friend to father to everything
Your patience never despised my slow and stubborn beginnings
My passage into freedom; from indifference to a love –
Too perfect, too profound, for the days of a human life –
And yet it pleased you to lavish more than what we could ever spell.

How could I forget childhood?
I am still there.