You can’t swim in shallow water
Your can’t fly above the ground
You have to fan the flame to fire
Don’t settle for the easy round

Who will go with you to deeper waters
Or are there those that wait beyond?
Who will brave with you to higher places
They must let go of safety’s sound

Don’t hang around with heavy travelers
Who hate the burning heat of sun
Who say but, “Hush don’t start a fire.”
“Mellow down, please mellow down!”

You don’t belong to shores
But down the ocean
Where waters roar and spirits soar
You have to fuel fire and be burning
Let it burn, don’t let the vision drown



When My Heart Races

Are we aware that when our heart beat races,
it’s Jesus?

Do youhave a passion for food?
Or a passion for art?
Are you a dancer, whose freedom is in the wind?
What makes your heart race so fast
that it drives you mad?

I have a taste for words
and when new scents or old ones
come rushing into my nostrils
(whether physical or of another sense hard to describe)
out of nowhere
words would suddenly infiltrate my mind
and move around like characters
in a slow dance Continue reading “When My Heart Races”

Like Fire!

His words are burning with HOPE for our nation. Ever felt like there’s a fire in you that you can’t contain any longer? I believe God desires each of us to be awakened to a calling beyond our wildest dreams. And He desires the same for our nation! Because of this, I recently started a blog where different Christian writers can share their heart that is burning with love for God and our nation.

Visit this blog and discover fire. http://likefireinmybones.com

Feel free to share this blog with your friends and contacts. We would also love to hear what you think about this blog, and if you would also like to share to us writings about loving God and nation.

My prayer is that we will all be set ablaze to live a life of abundance and extreme obedience to God!