Tuesday Walk Discoveries

Today (Tuesday), I walked.

But first, I bought a new pair of rubber slippers. Because the one I was wearing retired in the middle of the road.

After my 2nd swim class in a subdivision near my house, I grabbed a few items from the nearby grocery (again) as per my dad’s request. I opened my Maps app to make sure I’ll take the right route, I crossed the street and before I could go further, my left slipper gave up on me. I went back to the mini mall and bought a new pair.

It was 33 degrees Celsius. I had no umbrella. I didn’t put on sunblock. But I wanted to walk. So I did.

It was my first time (well maybe second) time to walk around my neighbourhood. (Why is WordPress using a British dictionary to correct my spelling?) I had missed out on the view for five years. I was glad I chose to walk today. So I can catch up on what I’ve been missing.

Here are a couple of my thoughts about my 20-minute walk home.

Our neighbourhood has lots of lovely trees. This street looks vibrant. I discovered a few eateries. They seem to be worth checking out.


See that man behind the cart? He respectfully greeted me “good morning.” I thought it was pleasant of him to do so.

F Balagtas Parang Marikina

I had been asking my dad if there’s a junk shop where I can get a small aluminum sheet. I would not have known there is a junk shop nearby had I not taken the time out for a leisurely walk. Unfortunately, it was too hot to even contemplate a stop over. Not today.

junk shop

I got a better look of this resto we’ve been wondering about but never got the resolve to check out. Now I know a bit about their menu!

kuta parang marikina

I have been wondering where I can buy organic vegetables. This organic vegetables “garden,” it turned out, is on the block across our subdivision. Sometimes, walking around is better than Googling it up!

parang marikina

And here’s another shot of the other street.

Parang Marikina

I arrived home dripping, or at least it felt like I was that wet with perspiration. Who cares, I was about to take a bath anyway. But next time I’ll bring an umbrella. 😉