Monday’s New

So I was excited for my swimming class on Monday. Finally.

But it was not just about swimming. It was also about getting out of the house. It was about getting into a sport. It was about meeting new people, being in a new place, learning something new, passing by the grocery (which was near the swimming area), feeling healthier, figuring out my way home from there, and getting to do an errand, all in one morning. In short, it was about being productive while doing something you like.

For example. #1 Here’s me with some big cartons I got from the supermarket. I’ve been needing to get some of these so I can start sorting my clothes for giving away. I did this after my swim class, which was held beside the mini mall that catered to the grocery.


#2 – I finally got to check if they (the grocery) have greek yogurt. Unfortunately they don’t so I ended up buying this, which was the wrong kind ‘coz it’s not much different from the regular yogurt. Oh well, it’s still yogurt.


#3 – I discovered that (praise God), there’s a tricycle terminal nearby and I can take a ride home on one of these. Unfortunately, the fare is a bit expensive so I might just walk home on some days.


#4 – I was surprised to learn that my swimming coach is my neighbour. He lives right across my house in the same small subdivision. He could have lived 2 houses away or down the street corner, which would still be pretty near, but he had to live right across! Super funny. And my mom for the longest time, had been so curious about his kids whom she could hear from across the street when they cry. I think she’ll finally get to meet them soon. Hope so.

#5 – I could breathe better. Literally. I told my coach that I think I have colds. (I’ve been having difficulty breathing ‘coz my nasal passages always feel congested.) He said, it will go away when I swim. He was right. It was instant relief. Then after two days of swimming, I’ve been breathing normally. I’m so happy.

So that was Monday morning. Not bad at all.