Campfires and Masquerades Lyrics

Let me know your thoughts on this song’s lyrics. 🙂 I love the part that says, “Those who fear the grave, never find the truth”

Campfires and Masquerades
by Jason Upton

I remember a story
A story of a little boy
The story of a mother’s child
The story of all

I remember the middle of the darkness
Reaching out for a hand to hold
Reaching out for anything
That will lead me back home

I’m still here
I’m still waiting for you
After all these years

I remember the shadows
On the walls of my memory
They more around like reality
In this prison that we’ve made

And I remember the first born sunrise
Couldn’t stand to open my eyes
Like a blind man wandering
On the edge of his grave

I’m still here
I’m still waiting for you
After all these years
After all these years

Campfires and Masquerades
Come and go like cheap parades
When nothing’s lost and nothings’ changed
We like it that way

Our politicians have to lie
Because if they opened up our eyes
We’d kill them just like the others who tried
To pull us out of this cave

Maybe that’s why we’re so shaken
When our questions have the courage to
Come and drag us from our fiction
Those who fear the grave
Never find the truth

Everyday begins at midnight
If we’re ever gonna see the sun rise
Somebody’s gotta wake up
Before the morning comes

Somebody’s gotta wake up
Gotta wake up
Somebody’s gotta wake up
Before the morning comes…






You can’t swim in shallow water
Your can’t fly above the ground
You have to fan the flame to fire
Don’t settle for the easy round

Who will go with you to deeper waters
Or are there those that wait beyond?
Who will brave with you to higher places
They must let go of safety’s sound

Don’t hang around with heavy travelers
Who hate the burning heat of sun
Who say but, “Hush don’t start a fire.”
“Mellow down, please mellow down!”

You don’t belong to shores
But down the ocean
Where waters roar and spirits soar
You have to fuel fire and be burning
Let it burn, don’t let the vision drown


Not So Far Down the Road

Not so far down the road
I would want to sing like this
To sing and make the seams of a stubborn heart snap
To sing a song that makes the flat line jump
To sing the life out
To sing until the gasping could breathe
To pulverize the immovable doubt
To change the game
And send a wave rushing in
And lift the tendons of your suffered heart
Into a pieced together newness that once again can beat
without gasping, but with a strength that’s no longer shaken by the hurricane

There Is A Place That Only Two Can Tread


There is a place that only two can tread
Where fear hovers, clings and stings
Where unknown voices hide behind the fog
Where treasures that you own
Await beyond thorn-flowered paths

There is a place that only two can tread
Where you hold tight, him whose fingers lock into your own
Where darkness covers your face but will not reach your spirit
Where your frantic heart, he pulls to an embrace
‘Til you are swept into the rhythm of his faithfulness

Until the darkness teaches you
To open eyes that only darkness can baptize
Until his hands become more real
Than things you touch and see
Until the flood of fear of the unknown
Is melted from within

There is a place that only two can tread
A death-conquered valley only two can pass
It takes him and you to prove what love can overcome

Even in the unending shadows of death’s darkness,
I am not overcome by fear.
Because You are with me in those dark moments,
near with Your protection and guidance,
I am comforted. – Psalm 27:4


I wrote this some few days ago when I was pondering on that sense of uncertainty that comes when God calls me to pursue Him in ways I have never pursued Him. The feeling is a mix of awe and fear, because one is pursuing a mysterious god, although a god also deserving of our full trust. In the end, I realized that even the courage to say “yes” to God would also come from God himself. The path he has called us to courageously take is full of unknown dangers and challenges. But this same path, when seen from a place of intimacy with God, becomes a path we are eager to take because it ultimately makes us closer to him.


God’s love is best understood in our brokenness. His love does not change depending on how good or bad we’ve been. He loves us at our best, and at our worst. He loves our every part. He loves us to bits. Literally. He is in love with every detail of who we are. Here’s a love poem from Father God to us, His children.

Let me love you
The broken you
Not just the worshipping you
Or the ministering you
The strong you
That stands on a pedestal
Let me love you
The just you you

Let me love you
And all the pieces
The pieces strong and wild
That you are fearful men would fear
The pieces meek and fragile
That you hold cautiously with trembling
The pieces you have tucked underneath
The pieces you find hard to bear
The pieces you wished were never there
The pieces that screwed everything up
That tore everything apart
Let me love you
And all your pieces

Let me love you
Even the broken you

I put the pieces together
And I love every part
Torn, whole, sewn together,
Or breaking away
You are held together
And loved altogether
Even when you think you’re falling apart

Let me love you
Most of all, the broken you
By me, you are pieced together
And I love your every part

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via federico stevanin /

Your words are faded

the color of sky on denim

bleached without bleach

having breathed long afternoon waits

til sundowns and pelting rains


The tides against it were soothing

sometimes scratching

depleting, or provoking

whispering, “Stay awake!”

or, “Ebb away.”


Your words, your words

I have made mine

but they are dissipating

like the trail of a jet plane

on a clear blue sky


The fine lines have blurred

into a disappearing smoke

the curves and angles have turned

into dots and speckles on my heart


It once burned here but now it slips

and leaves but wisps of something close to bliss


Your words are faded

but your memory is not

the earthly slab and canvass failed

yet your perseverance will not


Here my heart, my mind

wonder how I will see them clearly again.

Daddy’s Last Dance

I thought I’d repost an edit to a poem that is about what many single women dream of. 🙂

image via followpics

You were watching me from around the corner
As I cluelessly peeked into the box wrapped in silver n’ blue
You sent me a gift as if it is from someone else
Is this a favor someone paid you for?

You drive me crazy
You love me more than anything
But now you’re giving me away?
A smile lights up my eyes now
And you are actually pleased
That I am looking into someone else’s

You walk behind me
Hiding by the sidelines
Pretending you’re a stranger
Watching me look around for someone

You could have embraced me
As I twirled in pure excitement
But then you stepped aside

And out of the corner of my eye
I saw you beaming
From the shady corner
And brought him to the light — your protege

Whose hand is this, holding mine?
You seem to have taught him your ways of holding
Your hand that had once held me tight
Without reluctance lets me go
The gap we have called waiting
You’ve sucked away
In blissful satisfaction
Whose hand is this I’m holding
Reminding me of yours?
Yours that once held me tight
But now found confidence
To let go

Cook a Song If You Can

Photo Credits: Julie Edgley
Photo Credits: Julie Edgley

Cook a song if you can
Put some words in the pan
Add the honey on your tongue
Stir some rhyme, toss some lines

But don’t think I will fall
For the scripted ensemble
Though I’m tempted to dance
to your gifted preamble

I’m a girl but I’m fine
Love takes more than just wine
Cook a song if you can
But I’ll be just a fan

Though if that’s not your plight
Do not bake me a word tapestry
Instead strip your heart bare
Through a song if you dare

Don’t hesitate to sound lame
Or to not rule the game
Don’t just make the girl smile
Make it last, this you must

So it’s all up to you
If you want to be true
Or to just play it safe
With your sonnets
and a love that’s unscathed

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