Fave Sermons – Free Mp3


1040 Pilipinas – Jaeson Ma – mp3 download: Part 1 and Part 2
Ptr. Jaeson Ma exhorts during the 1040 Movie Premier, “1040 Pilipinas,” held in Manila, Philippines last August 23, 2010. (But I think my file for Part 2 got corrupted or something. Having trouble uploading it. Boohoo. Will try to get a clean copy soon.)

Partially Fulfilled – Judah Smith – podcast download

Fully Alive – Louie Giglio – podcast download

Shelley Hundley – Isaiah 52: Awake & Arise mp3 download

This one is a word about God’s power to redeem us from any kind of fear, pain and demons oppressing us. Shelley shared her powerful testimony of deliverance from being anti-Christ – and the worst rape victim case, and hardest student in her college campus – to one who pursues God relentlessly.

This sent me weeping in the middle of the night. Testimony is indeed powerful! 🙂

Mike Bickle – The Power of A Focused Lifemp3 download

Quotes from the teaching: Money is power. Time is life… and to squander time is to squander life. But more painfully, it is to squander destiny! …If you don’t manage time effectively, you will not enter into your destiny!

An aggressive approach to time management is the same thing as passion for your life destiny.

Bill Johnson – Being A Bridedirect download

Talks about how we’ve reduced the meaning of orginal word for “ezer kenegdo,” the word used to describe Adam’s partner in Genesis, into helpmeet. Used 19 or 20 times in the Bible to actually mean these: power, strength, rescue. In other words, a man’s partner’s role should be to be a “power facing him,” “strength opposite him,” “rescue that looks him in the face.”

This wrong mindset has affected our image of what the Church’s role is as bride and how this wrong perception is holding many of us paralyzed into excessive waiting instead of stepping out in FAITH.

Bill Johnson – The Power of a Seeddirect download

Lou Engle – Nazirite – JREV Convergence 2007 – download link << My favorite preacher!
Jaeson Ma – Affection Based Obedience – One Thing Conference – direct download << Must download!
Jaeson Ma – Affection Based Obedience – Harvest Rock – direct download (from CCN Website)
Happy Lumasag – Love Encounter Sustains The Call for National Transformation – Maranatha Christian Fellowship – direct download (from MCF Website)<< If you love the Philippines!
Lou Engle – Finding Your Name in the Book – direct download (from SJHP Website)
Heidi Baker – Love – download link

Also, here are some of the sites I downloaded those mp3’s from.

San Jose House of Prayer – SJHP (Media:Audio Page)
for teachings on Intimacy, Prayer and Warfare, the Apostolic Movement

Maranatha Christian Fellowship – MCF (Sermons Page)
for Spirit-filled sermons

Bethel Sermon of the Week

for deeply profound revelations on God’s word from pastors with a passion raising up a revival generation

City Church with Judah Smith

For lively, youthful yet profound expositions

Campus Church Networks – CCN (Mp3 Messages Page)
for exhortations and teachings on 24/7 Campus Prayer, Radical Campus Evangelism, and Missions

International House of Prayer (IHOP) Website – Click Resources


14 thoughts on “Fave Sermons – Free Mp3

    1. Thank you, Tony. 🙂
      I must apologize that I was not able to credit any particular person or site for that artwork. I usually post a link to the site where I grab an image from but for this one, I wasn’t able to take note and I couldn’t find the source anymore! Sorry. =P

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  1. Hi Riza. Nice site. I can feel your heart through your words. I am just looking for a church for my wife who is leaving Australia for 6 weeks short term work in Manila. Looking for a spirit filled church near Ortigas. Do you have any suggestions.
    Overflowing blessings to you

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank u Riz, for the mssgs of Ps Bill Johnson, im really blessed by his mssgs ws lookin for more, thts hw I stumbled on ur blog, thank u. I ws not able to download being a bride I think tht link is removed. Im lookin for his faith mssgs do lemme kno if u find any. God bless u abundantly

    Liked by 1 person

      1. HI Riz, I’m looking for some sermons by Bill Johnson:

        1)Filled With the Fullness of God 1: Filled With His Fullness

        2) Filled With the Fullness of God 2: The Way to the Next Level

        3) Friendship with God 1: Praying as a Friend of God

        4) Friendship with God 2: Beyond Obedience

        Can you help me pls?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. hi cb, I am so sorry I don’t really know where to find those. I am subscribed to bethel church’s podcast where I get Bill Johnson’s sermons. Other than that, I don’t really know where to find his other teachings – http://podcasts.ibethel.org/en/

        Do you remember where he spoke/taught on those topics? A conference maybe? Maybe we can look up if there are DVDs from that conference or something…? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Thanks Riz. I appreciate the effort. Not sure when or where they were preached. Found them on bill’s website buy can’t afford to buy them right now. Drawing closer to God and wanted those messages to soak. Thanks.

    Liked by 1 person

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