Hello Traveler!

I have to admit that my posts here are rather random BUT based on careful observation, most of them may be categorized under the following headings:

Christianity and Personal Reflections,
Food and Travel, &
Poetry and Music.

There was a time when I wrote poems quite regularly and I know that some of my subscribers are subscribed because of that. However, some started following during the time when I was posting a lot of reflections about life and faith. Others are probably interested in my travel posts, or my journal updates because they are friends whom I have actually met, and they want to stay updated.

Sooo, for those interested in only one or two of these headings, you may subscribe via RSS for that category only (see right panel or click the hyperlinked text above). LOL. And I hope you find all the love and fun you are looking for. Remember, to reach your dreams, you have to have faith, and keep your journey DOUBTPROOF. 😉



30 thoughts on “About

  1. I have read your blog about the “finishing the race..”
    I have lost words to say, we are discussing something about the recent elections etc. on fb, and I’m surprised, we’ll astonished to know ’bout your sentiments, for it reflects my own.
    But I’m just refreshed by reading those lines, if you can imagine in a race, olympic style(or the sort), I’m like a runner who was out of breath, stopped in the middle, bending, holding both knees with two hand’s catching my breath, then someone shouted “you can do it…”, catched my breath and then started to run again, I can’t see the finish line ahead, but i know it’s there, so I moved on.


    1. Hello there! Do you resort to Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be okay. I’m fully enjoying your blog and look forward to new updates.


  2. Hello! When I have more time I will check out your site more. I was just checking my email and saw that you liked my poem. I wanted to say a BIG thank you! You’re the first person to like anything I’ve written. So THANK YOU!!! It makes me feel happy that people are really actually reading my stuff. God bless!!!


    1. Hey, I forgot to reply to this comment! I was really encouraged by this! Thanks so much! I’m reading your blog posts too. Keep pressin’ on. 🙂


    1. hi jo! that is true! thanks for this comment. yes, we cling to God for significance and encouragement so we can encourage others. God richly bless you too. 🙂


  3. A pleasant day to you in the Name of the LORD JESUS.
    it’s been a long time not visiting your webpage and here i am and i’m glad to find “good read”, as always.
    I just happened to subscribed to you and looking forward to read more of your passion in writing and get to know a child of the LORD JESUS.
    I hope for your soonest reply.
    Good Regards,
    Gioulio DeAgosto


    1. hi amanda! thanks for the nomination. 🙂 and thanks for your kind words. 😀 ah yes, i used to shy away from these awards reasons you already mentioned on your blog post. but maybe i’ll try accepting this one for a change. there’s no deadline anyway right? have a nice day too!


    1. hi PT!

      this is very touching. haha! thank you! but I can’t respond to the award right now. 13 blogs is quite a handful. waaah. I’ll try, I’ll try.

      thanks and have an awesome week too!



  4. Riz,

    Interesting blog title. I wander through this world riddled with doubt, a whole string of questions, and never ending curiosity.

    I’m giving you a follow to see what I can learn. 😊



    I am planning a trip to HK next year.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. There is no doubt, that without any doubt I am now following YOU!
    It is DOUBTPROOF that I will be visiting YOU now then.
    Do not make any doubt to visit my Blog.
    I welcome come YOU Doubtlessly.


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