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What Can’t You Go Without?

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Warning: This is a post for me and my Christian brothers and sisters. You may or may not understand parts of it if you have not yet surrendered your life to Christ.

Can you go a day without coffee? Can you go a day without tea? I know there was a time when I can’t. When not drinking a cup of tea seriously messed up my internal balance and I had to drink at least a cup or else I experienced the following:

  • Shortness of breathe
  • Sleepiness
  • Weakness
  • Inability to focus

Can you go a day without Facebook? Can you go a day experiencing the high of somebody liking your social media post? Can you go a day without your ego being stroked. What determines you internal temperature and balance, the praises of man or your identity in Christ? Imagine a day without the following. Will you survive?

  • Your favorite drink
  • Facebook
  • Entertainment from the Internet
  • Your cellphone
  • Worrying about the GREAT WORK you are called to do

Can you go a day without prayer? Can you go a day without reading your Bible? Of course not. You’ve already made it a habit to go through the motions. But can you go a day without God reaching deep into your heart and gripping it with a fresh new Word that is just for the day? Fresh. Pure. Gripping. Tearing your heart at the seams. How many times have you gone without that daily bread we were meant to ask and receive each day? Can you go a day without that? Are there days when you survive without it and choose to be comforted by coffee instead?

I have a grave concern. And it is that coffee culture is subtly taking over our Nazirite vow. It is that Facebook culture is subtly taking over our Esther call. It is that we have allowed our yearning for caffeine to replace our yearning for God, once in a while. It is that we have allowed our affinity with Facebook to replaced our ability to linger in His presence. How many times have we hurried our prayers to check on social media? How many times do we cap our bible studies in time for catch our fave TV series?

I have a grave concern. And it is that, like Samson, the longing to be in (Delilah’s) affectionate arms provides so much instant gratification that we now refuse to grow our hair long, so we just cut it short because coffee, Facebook, electronic games, movie marathons, are always there to provide us quick fixes.

Today, I dare you to wrestle. Wrestle for your heart. The heart He purchased with no small a price.

“‘During the entire period of their Nazirite vow, no razor may be used on their head. They must be holy until the period of their dedication to the Lord is over; they must let their hair grow long. – Numbers 6:5

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Convergence = Character + Charisma + Kairos

convergence is when your character, your charisma, and the kairos moment, all come together into convergence and you find yourself riding the wave of history. you’ve gotta pass the test if you’re gonna change the world. you’ve gotta be able to submit to authority and not get angry. you’ve gotta pass the test of blessing those who curse you and hurt you. you’ve gotta forgive those in church. church is the best place to get hurt. forgive your pastor and stop being bitter ’cause if you don’t you’ll never make it to your convergence. you’ll just go ’round the mountain with a bitter spirit.

your character has got to be able to contain your charisma ’cause there is an anointing that’s on you, a charisma that’s on you. but when your character has caught up with charisma, then there comes the kairos moment, the fullness of time, and suddenly everything changes in a day and joseph gets out of prison and is in the palace.

Lou Engle (Burn Class, Luke 18 SLP Teachings 2009)