Last Sunday – Walk, Eat Thai, Swim…

Last Sunday, I was feeling a bit “under the weather” (even though the weather was really SUNNY!). Haha. Wrong use of idiom there. Actually, it was because I got super spent the day before, and because of my physical condition (I think), I needed a whole day to recover from fatigue. I thought I’d spent the entire day at home but I had to have lunch outside or else I’ll starve to death. I thought I’d go for a swim too at the sports center 10 minutes from my house, to get my blood flowing. I was tired of fastfood so I prayed where to eat. (Yeah, I was so clueless where to go that I had to pray about it. Hahaha. Guess what? I really felt I heard God say, “You’ll know when you get there.” So I went, “by faith.” Oh happy day. =)))

I rode the jeepney to “town” and found myself having to walk short distances and cross intersections under the heat (and I mean HEAT!) of the sun. I was a bit concerned I might catch a fever later (it used to be like that before when I exerted a bit too much for a given day)… but I didn’t. Thank God. Just before crossing the street, I remembered a Thai restaurant (Krung Thai) with affordable food within my budget. It’s close by and seems to be at a convenient location from the swimming pool too. (I knew it!) I walked quite a but I was willing to just to get my Thai food! I crossed the market leading to the restaurant.  It’s a “very” local place, not too stylish, a bit too pricey for its interiors, but serving good Thai meals. Excited.

So here’s the city market.

marikina city market at bayan

I didn’t realize I could buy fruits here instead of going to the bigger but farther Farmers’ Market.

fruits stall marikina market at bayan

I had been craving coffee that week so I was glad to see iced coffee in the menu. I ordered iced coffee with my meal. Then I was served Thai iced tea. So I had it replaced and then here is the coffee… 🙂

for an additional P50 ($1+) with my solo meal

Iced Coffee Krung Thai Restaurant C. Paz Marikina City

I also chose the stir fried chicken meal, pointed at the picture on the menu, but the lady thought I was ordering the picture below it. So I was served chicken curry instead. Waaah. Oh well, I guess you have to be careful to clarify your order when going to this place. (Not complaining!) :)))

The chicken curry, by the way, was love. My only comment is that the serving size felt more like kiddie sized. There were 4 or 5 bite sized chicken slices, some veggies, and that’s it. But I was happy about the veggies. And overall, I was happy to remember to drop by this resto. It was well worth it despite the mistakes they made. LOL.

Chicken Curry Krung Thai Restaurant Marikina City

Paying to swim in the afternoon. P50 ($1+) – P10 sports center entrance + P40 pool entrance – good until 4:30 pm. That’s 4.5 hours of swim time if you arrive at 1pm. But got there past 2pm so I had 3 hours. Fair enough!

How much is swimming at Marikina Sports swimming pool?

Semi-covered pool at the Marikina Sports Center. Not too crowded. To think it’s a Sunday. And I don’t hit pool bottom anymore when I tumble turn. 😀

Swimming Pool at Marikina Sports Center

At first I couldn’t cross the width of the pool doing freestyle but by the end of the session, after self-correcting myself, I was finally able to cross to the end. Perhaps next time I can work towards going back and forth. Yikes. Let’s do this. 🙂


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