Where There’s Sunlight

sunlight in the morning on desk
Image via http://gracecamblos.com/good-morning-world/

Write where there’s sunlight
Passing through a clear glass wall
To glow on careless pages
And scatter shadows on your desk
To catch your downcast eyes
And bring a glimmer where it dries

Write where there’s sunlight
Even if it’s just to softly linger
Caressing dimly corners
Behind the curtains for a peek
Playing hide and seek
The sun, it shows you things you don’t see
Or seek

As it silently lands where your eyes gaze,
And rises up to where your heart thumps
It touches you with warmth, and something
inside you flickers…
As you bask in it
The gossamer shadows flee
And something sparkles
Where once
Were only things hidden, concealed


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