Dear Lamma, Please Take Me Back

Last July, I went on a trip to Hong Kong with two girl friends. A friend of mine who lives in Hong Kong had opened the doors to “her” place on Lamma Island. We were beyond excited. I wanted just spend time resting, not doing anything, and not spending so much, hanging out, and perhaps do a lot of sitting down while staring at thin air or some beach waves if they are to be found somewhere nearby. But out of nowhere, I thought of visiting Disneyland Hong Kong. My two companions were not hard to convince. In fact, I think they loved the idea more than I did. I don’t know. So off we went, three stressed young professionals, screaming for a getaway.

We spend four whole days in Hong Kong before leaving on our fifth day. Our trip had three tiny legs. A day at Disney, a day on Lamma Island where we were staying, and a day in the city. Although there was a lot of buzz about “Disneyland” before our trip, Lamma Island memories were our favorite takeaway. Disneyland was such an experience, fun and tiring. Haha. Our accommodations in the city was horrendous. And after all the shopping, we felt like we’ve been robbed. LOL. But Lamma was our date with nature, serenity, rest, and humidity — gloriously mixed together into one lazy day. Wendy, if you’re reading this, thank you so much for adopting us for a couple of days. We love Lamma Lodge forever. Here’s why.

*Lamma Lodge (where we stayed) was perfect.
I had hoped for a nice place but I was mesmerized by our accommodations. Rooms were not big but they were inviting. I swear, I would have brought my bed home with me if it were not too heavy. We bonded quite well. And everything about the place helps your heart rate settle down. My two friends shared a room and one afternoon, they had so much fun I swear they just wanted to stay stuck in bed chatting and giggling. I knew it was therapeutic for them. 🙂

Lamma Lodge

*Lamma Island was the right mix of busy and laid back.

Mornings are the best. Pastries, sandwiches and fruits are prepared on tables outside restaurants. I think they want to entice people rushing to the pier for a ride to their workplaces.

The rest of the day, you can browse through stores, seafood places, and cafes with a local, artsy vibe. You can also stroll to the beach or hike up a hill for a view of the island. (We didn’t hike though.) We didn’t see the other side of the island but it was just as it had been promised, nostalgic and lovable.

By the way, best froyo with strawberry topping on the Pier 4 where we take a ferry from HK Island to Lamma. For $20 only.

Lamma Island Walk

*The Sunset

Had tacos and iced milk tea with my friend at Waterfront Restaurant. I requested an iced milk tea which happened to be not on the menu. The Filipina server made it possible. I love you ateh!

And yes, the view was stunning for like 60 minutes, before and during sunset. 🙂

Tableside View

*Thai Food

Our host knows a Thai Lady who delivers Thai food! Nothing beats authentic Tom Yum Kung. The one she made I swear was an answer to prayer.

Tom Yum Kung, you got me at hello...

This salad was so good missing it is making me feel depressed.

Papaya Salad

*Lamma Lodge Tea

I get excited when I look at this stack of tea boxes, wondering which one to try. Teehee… TWG Vanilla Bourbon got me under a spell that I had to buy some tea leaves before heading home.

Tea Time!

*Breakfast Bonding

French Toast in Progress

*Best Company

And best of all, no trip is ever the same without great company and Wendy’s soup. 🙂

Girls Bonding


So Lamma Island, if you could hear me, please take me back anytime you wish.




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