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I Remember This Man I Call Daddy

When a Father speaks, you know love could not be deeper.

When Daddy says, “When you were a child, a curly haired, unruly, cuddly, bouncy little girl…” you know he knows you better than anyone, better than you know yourself. Even better than any man will ever know you. And you know he loved you better than you could ever think love could love.

Did you know? You were loved even before you could ask for love, even before you could imagine that love existed, even before you had a slightest idea what affection is like, even before you learned that you needed love –he was already loving on you. Even before you had the ability to be thankful or love anyone back, he was loving on you. So when he says, “When you were a child,” he means when you were not aware, he was fully aware and he was fully pouring out all the love he had to shower on his little girl.

When he says, “When you were a child…” he means when you were a child and until now he sees his little girl when he looks at you. He means he is still in control of things, those things that you didn’t care about before but are causing you to worry now. Even before you had the ability to take care of yourself, someone took care and even now, that protection cannot be changed. There is nothing he will not give to the grown up. She still has his affection, his eyes are on her, and when she doubts or fears or cries, he stoops down and whispers, “Remember, when you were a child…”



broken. humbled. a life that's ruined for a cause. a jesus revolutionary.

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