When I Give Me the Weirds

Oh I just have to get this one out. I kept getting flashbacks. Well, no it’s not about a traumatic experience. But it’s making me feel uncomfortable whenever I remember.

Ever did something somewhat weird? But at the time you did it, you had no idea that it was kind of weird? But now, looking back, you’re worried that people must have thought you’re weird. Geez.

I think it was more that 10 years ago. I was in a family retreat or camp and it was break time. We were at a lounge area waiting for the “dinner is served” announcement. I was still very much into figure skating then, and I was learning how to do split jumps and chaines. Out of boredom, I started practicing on the lounge, from one corner to the other. I did that for a couple of minutes as some people who were on the chairs and sofa, friends actually, watched. Well not really watched watched but it’s not like I would be difficult to notice. It was not like the people there were super strangers. But remembering the scene makes me twitch a bit. What in the world was I trying to accomplish at that time? Was I hungry for attention? Probably! Now, I realized, I definitely was going through some issues at that time. Haha. I still am. But different ones this time.

Oh well. I just thought I needed to let the whole blogosphere know. Sometimes we really feel we’re normal but we’re really acting weird. Other times though, we think we’re having the strangest thoughts, but we’re actually going through something most people could relate to. 🙂

So… do you think I’m weird???


Riza O.


6 thoughts on “When I Give Me the Weirds

  1. I say…people should embrace their inner weirdness 🙂 I guess, we’ve all done things that make us CRINGE. It sends me into a sweat, just thinking about all the crazy things I did when I was a kid. Eeeek! I have many stories, but I’m not sure I’m quite ready to share them…just yet. Hehe


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