beating the heat

Did I ever mention that weather gets as high as 33 degrees Centigrade here in Manila? It’s been like this for weeks now. Oh yes it’s Summer. And her presence is intensely felt.

When you go out of your house or step out of an air conditioned vehicle, the hot air heats you like a room full of steam. If you’re not used to it, it pricks your skin even when you’re under an umbrella. ‘Coz it’s not just the sun’s direct rays we’re talking about, it’s the weather! And steam rising from the ground.

Anyhow, it was in such a weather that we had our cover shoot and location pictorial for the magazine. The cover was shot in a studio, so no problem with that. But we had a couple of outdoor shots on the street right outside the studio location. Amazingly, the sun was not as hot that afternoon. But there was still enough sun to have the lighted effect we wanted. I was not really involved with the shoot, I just tried to get some behind the scene photos and helped out a tiny bit.

The person we have chosen for our cover is a beauty queen/actress/model who’s fairly popular here. Together with the production team–creative director, photog, stylist and makeup artist–they all worked pretty hard. I must say, especially our model and photog. Around 5 hours altogether with prep time. Our model just had iced coffee before the first shoot and then refused to take a break until everything was done. And yes, we forgot to feed her before she her interview with our writer which took about an hour. Uhm, we did give her something but I guess she didn’t have time to look at it. So yeah, she didn’t get to eat until after the interview. Maybe! She didn’t have any food preference either, and she didn’t even want us to get her Starbucks coffee if it was not that near our location. She never complained and never acted out. She was okay to wear an outfit that didn’t fit and she was patient to bear with the masking tape we put on her back to make the clothing stay put. LOL. (We encountered some outfit problems!) She was so pleasant the whole time. And best of all, she was so easy to direct. She did great in the photo shoot.

So yeah, I guess what I’m trying to say is that, I woke up this morning still so tired from yesterday. But the funny thing is that I didn’t really work that much–not as much as the others in the team. (So why am I tired? I must be getting old!)  Thus, I’m so proud of them and thankful everyone did a great job, keeping cool under the heat!

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2 thoughts on “beating the heat

  1. Our hot temperatures in California will be arriving soon. I expect our days to be over 100 in July. However, unlike your tropical heat, ours is a dry heat. Most summer days, the humidity is only about 18 percent.


    1. Here 40+% humidity is already low. Wow I haven’t experienced 18%. But it’s the first time that I’m always feeling dehydrated. & hungry. 🙂 & better gear up for the dry weather I guess!


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