the sUn is hot

and so is yoUr head

better take a Nestea plUnge

before going tO bed!


(have you heard of the Nestea plunge? it’s an advertisement concept during “my” time. lol.)


2 thoughts on “sUmmer

  1. I hated ice tea when I was a kid. Once, my aunt would not let me leave the table until I finished the glass of Nestea she had given us all. Boy that pissed me off. I was 10. So, no, I did not take the Nestea plunge…but, I remember the commercials!


    1. That is very interesting! I don’t see the need to finish iced tea when it’s not even healthy. Haha. The commercials became a hit here that kids actually had so much fun falling into a pool Nestea plunge style. I don’t know about drinking iced tea though. 🙂


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