Kari’s First Syllables

Kari's First Syllables

This is my niece (right), Kari. She’s 1 year and 3 months old now. She doesn’t “talk” yet. But out of the 5 or so syllables that she can manage to say, one is “taaa,” usually a loud one, for “Tita,” when she’s calling my attention. That’s “Aunt” in our dialect. The other syllables she speaks are:
“ya,” for “kuya” or older brother
“Jet” (I haven’t heard this one but it must sound not exactly that) – her brother’s name.
I have forgotten how she calls her mom but that’s one other syllable, and
“ou” – for when she wants to go somewhere. She gestures her hand when she says that. (By the way, this was the first one she learned. lol)

I am proud to say that once again, my “name” gets to be one of the first syllables my sister’s child learns. When her brother Jethro was also just starting to speak, I had to teach him “Tita” too. I think it’s the second he learned, next to mom. Yes, we like making them call us right? And say our names right. It’s always the sweetest thing when we hear their voice. “Taaaa…”


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