I know we got the lyrics just a bit wrong but believe me this chorus was spontaneous. We have this chat thread on Viber, my cousins, their spouses, and one of my aunt’s and I, and it’s where we talk about anything under the sun for the sake of bonding… stayin’ connected, while we’re on different parts of the country (one is in Singapore, btw).

One time, one of my cousins said “God is good.” I had forgotten why. I didn’t feel like sending a lengthy reply so I said, “All the time.” Would you believe, they started “singing”? Errr I’m not sure if they really did sang but on Viber, it looked like that. Thought it was fun. (The purple dotted icons were my speech bubbles.)

Honestly, sometimes too much updating (especially when I’m in the middle of work) bugs me. (I hope none of them is reading this.) But some singing, I think is fun. 🙂


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