David Under Pressure

“My soul is consumed with longing for your rules at all times.”

Psalm 119:20
What in the world was David feeling when he wrote this? I mean, I understand longing for the “presence” of God and longing for love or security or refreshing, but longing for His “rules at all times,” that blows me away.

What kind of man would “long” for “rules”? Then I thought of David as king. He must have so many crucial decisions to make, a kingdom with many enemies to protect it from. Hmmm… this must be a good reason for him to long for God’s rules — the commands, the ways, the principles, the proceedings for implementing God’s justice and promulgating peace.


Then I read the verses after this:
v. 21 You rebuke the insolent… who wander from your commandments
v. 23 Even though princes sit plotting against me, your servant will meditate on your statutes

Wait. Wait a minute. David’s enemies were plotting against him and instead of preparing for a counter attack or defensive strategy, he meditated on God’s statutes?

Then it dawned on me… David was not under very little pressure that he had much time to sit down and ponder on God’s words. In fact, he was under tremendous pressure. But unlike most of us who would tend to work (our flesh out and cut back on our time with God) when pressure arises, David tend to cling to (God) the solution to his pressing needs.

Could it be that David longed for God’s rules at ALL times because he was under tremendous pressure at ALL times too? And he perfectly understood that God’s wisdom is the only thing that can save him from his adversaries. Thus, he did not long (in the same intensity that he longed for God) for a human counsellor, a mate to comfort, a businessman to give financial support, a fan to make him feel appreciated or an army to make him feel secure. He longed for God’s RULES! He longed to know the MIND of GOD! More than anything, he longed for the ONE THING that really mattered. Although that thing that mattered doesn’t always seem like it one’s best option in times of pressure. But David knew. He knew God too well. 🙂


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