Should I Skate Again?

Should I Skate Again?

I started figure skating when I was 13. No one could stop me from enrolling in and attending my first ice skating class then. Not even an extended vacation in the province with my favorite cousins.

I stopped when I was 21 years (2 years younger than skating queen Kim Yuna of Korea today) and have been missing the flight, the music, the guts, and the glory that goes with a hard-earned “win.”

Then, it seemed the practical choice. It was costly. And I didn’t see any financial returns if I continued on. I was too old for the Olympics. It seemed like the right choice.

For weeks now, I’ve been doing high-intensity-interval workout for a combination of reasons… This morning, I added exercised targeted at muscles used in skating. Do I want to skate again? I’ve always wanted to.

Why skate again? Perhaps, because some things are just too hard to explain.

Should I skate again? And I mean try to regain the skills I used to have? It’s a question that will be playing in my head, and hopefully will find an answer soon.

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