Lessons From Geek-dom On Changing the World

geekGone are the movies (and the days in real life, I guess, since movies are usually portrayals of what’s not being filmed under the sun) where geeks are the underdogs who had to be rescued by the popular girl in school. Instead, we’re in the era of ‘nerd fashion,’ where huge plastic-framed glasses are cool, and the geeks (or pretending to be geeks) that wear them are sexy.

I recently purchased a pair of glasses online and while on that search, I encountered people who admitted that they envy those who have the reason/excuse to wear them. (Talk about the ambition to have partially blind eyes for the sake of fashion)…

What is my point? The point is our attitude towards geek-dom has changed. And “WHY?” is not really a million-dollar question. We all know why. Technology, especially information technology, has risen to the high ranks of marketplace influence. And behind this rise, are the modern-day geeks who had run and won, with their impassioned love and dedicaton to the art of perfecting the things that takes a gazillion years for most of us to un-code.

Okay fine. Then what do you propose we should do about this? It’s too late to go back to a time when a smartphone is not necessary for survival!

No no my point is: this is amazing for me. And it has made me wonder, what does it take to change the way society view people and things? Don’t you think it’s ironic how a once-stigmatized stereotype in high school campus suddenly flipped the world over into a positon where he/she (providentially) landed on top of the pyramid? It is God-ordained, I think. And the cosmos might be suggesting just how blind a world can be to a person’s value until that value manifests itself through a world-changing, habit-inducing, economy-boosting fruit of its passion and labor.

And my second point comes as a hypothetical question: If the nerd had rejected his nerdidentity and had tried to become someone else, what would have become of us Twitter-breathing generation? (Let your imagination run amock at this part.)

And so this is my value proposition. To value who and what you are, at a time when no one else or mostly everyone else is putting the wrong price tag on your self worth — to endure this and ignore this even, just for you to be able to focus on what you were really designed to do – is the clincher. There comes a point in every hero’s life when no one else knows or recognizes the gem inside of him except that little spark inside his bosom that says, “I am something more. I know it but I just don’t see it yet. And unless I discover and tap into this, the world will never know either.”

So here’s to the outcasts of yesterday that embraced hardship without giving up on their dream and calling. And here’s to the outcasts of today who will never give up so as not to deprive us of an enterprise worth our thankfulness and admiration.

And my ultimate purpose for writing this post is to tell you: There is a force that is capable of changing the world’s value system. But it is something that begins only when a man or woman begins to value his or her God-given design. Thus, my question for all of us unsatisfied idealist and revolutionist wannabe’s, if the world still fails to value something we value, could it be that the reason it does so is because we have not valued that thing enough just yet? Just maybe, there’s something we can learn from the geeks.


Disclaimer: This post was not written to discriminate or put down anyone or any particular group of people, or to stereotype people into geeks or non-geeks. I believe that each person is unique and being a nerd or not is not a nerd is not a measure of a person’s value or worth. But I just wanted to share a lesson perceived from seeing things from a certain perspective such as the one above. Then again, there could be other perspectives on this matter. Feel free to have your own. 🙂


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