via  federico stevanin /
via federico stevanin /

Your words are faded

the color of sky on denim

bleached without bleach

having breathed long afternoon waits

til sundowns and pelting rains


The tides against it were soothing

sometimes scratching

depleting, or provoking

whispering, “Stay awake!”

or, “Ebb away.”


Your words, your words

I have made mine

but they are dissipating

like the trail of a jet plane

on a clear blue sky


The fine lines have blurred

into a disappearing smoke

the curves and angles have turned

into dots and speckles on my heart


It once burned here but now it slips

and leaves but wisps of something close to bliss


Your words are faded

but your memory is not

the earthly slab and canvass failed

yet your perseverance will not


Here my heart, my mind

wonder how I will see them clearly again.


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