Spirit to Spirit

Feed me

The world has numbed us to hunger

I am in a bubble of appeasement

Where I am stuffed

But never full

And this container

Is bleeding with but trickles

While my other side

Thinks I am fed and fine

I have two vessels

The world, it has appeased but one

Upon the other, my survival and my life


Unblind me

From the empty that is hidden

And that this flatulence can never fill

And only Your Word, Your Flesh and Blood, will


2 thoughts on “Spirit to Spirit

  1. Very nice spirit. Loved the line “The world has numbed us to hunger”. And this is the sad thing, however much we run after that and also we only run after that which can never satisfy us.


    1. Thank you. This comment means a lot. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. And for agreeing. Yes, it’s a sad thing. I wrote the poem in hopes that people who read it will realize and recognize that call to pursue what satisfies!


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