My Invisible Body Guards

As the Little Prince had said, “What is essential is invisible to the eye.” After weeks of suffering from bacteria in the blood (and are we glad they’re gone now), never in my life have I become more grateful for the things I do not see. For that thing that is invisible to my naked eye, and that thing which I don’t even think of, has become that thing which saved my life.

White Blood Cells.

For days and for weeks after seeing them in action under the microscope, and after reading about them from this blog, I couldn’t help but be perplexed at how a loving God has provided a VIP security group — a set of body guards so to speak — that  care for me even when I am least unaware.

Indeed, he who watches over Israel never slumbers or sleeps. – Psalm 121:4

Here’s a short video I made using a recording of my live blood analysis weeks ago. This was my contaminated blood. There goes my white blood cells, my red blood cells, the bacteria and everything that basically runs in my veins and arteries to keep me alive.

Background Music Credits to: Sol by Misha Meshenko

Reading about the ‘white blood cells army’ (WBC) that we have in our body made me ponder and wonder at the faithfulness of a loving Father who neither sleeps nor slumbers. The WBCs keep awake day in and day out, to attack every single foreign agent that enters our body, to keep us from getting sick, and to put us back into health every time we get sick. When we are sick, it is easy to think how pitiful it is that we are ill. But we never really thank our WBC’s for every single day that viruses or bacteria had been defeated by them just to keep us healthy. We never really thank God for every single day (or maybe some of you do) that we are well.

I couldn’t help but be amazed at how agents so tiny could be the power source of my blood’s protection from harmful stuff. I am amazed that even when I sleep, or take the bus, or jog at the oval, regardless of my thankfulness, my love, my awareness, my intentions, WBC’s war for me. And that is because God had charged them to do so. Isn’t God wonderful to create such a living testimony of his faithfulness and protection?

And did you know that WBC’s die after they have contained a virus, say, after 3 days? They go “all out,” defeat the virus, then die… Hmmm… Now that’s one other thing worth pondering on. 😉


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