By the way, this is my niece, Kari. She’s 6 months old and she can already stand with some support. She also crawls really fast. When you carry her against her will, she has a way of maneuvering herself out of your arms to the point where you’d have to either drop her of give her back to her mom. Strong willed and strong, indeed.

Her older brother Jethro has a sweet, tiny voice. We used to wonder what he would be saying to us once he starts talking. Today, we are amused, amazed and entertained beyond what we had imagined. We also wonder what Kari would be saying once she starts talking. In the mean time, we love to watch her giggle and laugh when playing with her brother. She loves him to bits. She also shakes her head sideways really really fast (like a sideways head bang kind of thing) when her 3-year-old brother sings A-B-C.


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