Dear Reader

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Dear reader
You are sublime
You read with empathy
You judge with kindness
And you appreciate
With wit and generosity

Dear reader
You are a writer
Behind your empathy,
Is a desire to be heard
Behind your kindness,
Is a need to be bold
Behind your knowledge,
Is a depth still unearthed
Behind your giving,
Is a hunger for adventure

Dear reader
But desire was never meant to be satisfied
Here, where our words all fall short
On its way to the clouds
Here, where we lay tiny blocks
To a ceiling-less sky
Here, where we’re meant to be dreamers
Always launching paper planes to the moon

Dear reader
Your desire is for something greater
And it will come closer, and come close
But you will never find rest
Until your soul finds eternity
In the Great Author of Poetry
The Igniter of Words
The Instiller of Desire
The Creator of your mystified life

Dear reader
You will find Him in the place where words crumble and fail


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