Before Sunrise

I’ve been staring at this white sheet (or white square on my screen) for a while, between deep breathes. I woke up hours ago to drink my meds. Since 3:00 AM, the color of the sky had changed from black, deep purple, red then pink with hints of lavender, to now light grey, signaling a cloudy morning.

The moment I loved most happened around 5:30 AM when it turned red. It was, watercolor red, and neither my phone nor tablet could capture its hue. Red had faded in 60 seconds. To my dismay, now it’s broad daylight. One more deep breath.

There are days when you want to stay under a red sky. For once, gaze at something different, even for only a minute, know that the sky has its odd moments too. That is has bursts of passion and seconds of rage, that is smiles through transitions from deep darkness to multiples colors that eventually surrender to the sun’s blinding white rays.

We need daylight to see. But who is not in awe of those seconds before sunrise, when the heaven’s heart strings spill a mess of rainbow over your head? Is it uncertainty or skillful art? I am learning now, we can love the sky even before we see the light.





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