Mic Test

Mic test. Hello?

Have you ever tried explaining yourself to someone? Aaaah… You know there’s something wrong but you just couldn’t put a finger on it. In the end, you were not able to explain yourself but you just made the person you’re talking to more confused. What in the world is wrong with my communication skills?

Back where I used to work, we have a microphone that broadcasts announcements throughout the entire dormitory through a centralized sound system. But it was kind of ancient and it runs on battery. This posed two problems. First, we kept forgetting to remove the battery so that it kept on getting drained and we are left unable to use it to our convenience whenever we suddenly felt the need for it. Second, I don’t know if it’s the battery or the machine itself but it sometimes wouldn’t work properly. The sound goes on and off choppy when we speak over the mouthpiece.

Oh how I feel just like that mouthpiece. Do I need fresh batteries? Am I malfunctioning? Is there hope of being heard?

It was kinda sad one time when we were so excited to use that mic to announce an invite to a free movie showing for all our dormers. But the message just would not come through. Too bad. So we had to switch it off and wondered at its pretty vintage look. But it’s all but an accessory now. It would have been super cool if it had done a better job.



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