It is August

It is August and I am having a good time.
I also feel stressed. I’ve been cramming the things I need to do within what seemed like 24 hours a day that always run out.
We are crazy enough to think of starting a magazine. Or maybe the appropriate word
is “compelled.” We’re compelled by a burden and purposeful desire from God. We don’t have money, experience nor sanity. And we are moved by a sense of urgency. Our lives are at stake now. Our very lives. We’re launching March next year.
I am flying. Oh my goodness I had believed God would make a way for me to go to Dublin this October. I couldn’t afford it. Not even one year of savings could make me afford it, unless my income quadruples or something. But God kept on releasing provision through people without me even asking for money. God ‘s provision this month is beating His previous records. I am wide-eyed and in tears. Yes, I just need my visa miraculously approved. Oh oh. Help us wait without too much suspense.
And I am under extreme pressure. My pastor wants to talk to me. I’ll bet it’s more work or maybe more rebuke add to last time’s. I have so many questions about how to lead when you’re weighed down with unfelt support from people who are stronger than you. I feel so small and fragile. I’m not sure what to make out of myself if I get hit by another blow. But who knows what fears may bring when it is August month? I’m celebrating my first year out of calendar days and maybe I will hope for early birthday present instead!
So help us God. Yes all of us!


4 thoughts on “It is August

  1. Though it is late, allow me to Greet you: Happy Birthday! hope that this ongoing year of your life be filled with Lots of Love from the LORD our GOD!
    More Love, More Power, More of LORD YESHUA in your Life


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