Daddy’s Last Dance

I thought I’d repost an edit to a poem that is about what many single women dream of.๐Ÿ™‚


image via followpics

You were watching me from around the corner
As I cluelessly peeked into the box wrapped in silver n’ blue
You sent me a gift as if it is from someone else
Is this a favor someone paid you for?

You drive me crazy
You love me more than anything
But now you’re giving me away?
A smile lights up my eyes now
And you are actually pleased
That I am looking into someone else’s

You walk behind me
Hiding by the sidelines
Pretending you’re a stranger
Watching me look around for someone

You could have embraced me
As I twirled in pure excitement
But then you stepped aside

And out of the corner of my eye
I saw you beaming
From the shady corner
And brought him to the light — your protege

Whose hand is this, holding mine?
You seem to have taught him your ways of holding
Your hand that had once held me tight
Without reluctance lets me go
The gap we have called waiting
You’ve sucked away
In blissful satisfaction
Whose hand is this I’m holding
Reminding me of yours?
Yours that once held me tight
But now found confidence
To let go