And God Says, “Cook!”

God has given me a mandate. And that is to cook dinner for my Dad and Mom as often as I can. You may wonder how often I cook dinner for them. Well, once a year is lucky. I know. I’m a terrible housemate. To think, I’m not that bad in cooking. I just don’t happen to know how to cook. So who cares? I’ll just bake!

Tonight (starting in the afternoon), I prepared three ‘dishes’ for dinner: baked salmon, spaghetti in olive oil and steamed veggie. My Mom doesn’t like to cook. My Dad is always hungry when he gets back from the office. And I am mostly clueless what to do every time they fight over practically everything including the absence of timely dinner prep. How I reached 3 decades without learning how to cook? Well, they don’t like teaching their youngest daughter. They don’t like seeing me work. I always get shoved out of the sink, or the kitchen for that matter. I learned how to bake by studying it on my own, almost the same story applies to how I learned to play the guitar, piano (although I had lessons during the early stages), how to sing, how to figure skate. I made a decision that I wanted to learn and either taught myself or “forced” myself into opportunities for learning. Nothing comes easy when your Dad is the first one to suggest that you should skip school just because it’s drizzling outside! “I’m going to school Dad! I’m not sleeping in!”  I learned to drive because I bugged my Dad to teach me. But it turned out that only driving school has the patience. Because you pay them for it.

Anyhow, going back to dinner. I finally snapped out of it. It seems like even the simplest things have to be fought for, like peace at home through well-deserved dinner preps for tired people or two people tired of each other. Thus saith the Lord, “Cook.” If you don’t know how to cook, learn how to cook. Who cares if I cook continental dinner every time. That’s about the easiest stuff I can find online…

So the salmon looked really pretty and tasted pretty superb but I forgot to take a souvenir shot. 🙂 I leave it to your imagination!


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