Sometimes I feel like I’m like my friends who haven’t surrendered their life to Christ yet. I resist drawing close to God, I refuse to do spiritual things, I deliberately delay praying or reading the Bible because I just don’t want to routinely be spiritual even for just a moment. But you know, deep inside, I’m just longing to be pursued by God. And I think, or maybe, hopefully, that’s how they also feel.

It is a privilege to search for the mysteries in God. But when we walk away, we are reminded that though we look like we are drifting, inside we are bound. We are bound to His love. Sometimes we think that we have bound Him to ours and that as we work things out, we are sustained. But the opposite is true. We work things out because we are being kept by His love. And when all efforts fail, He keeps us, still.

He waits, patiently until we lose our grip on rebellion. Then He catches us to keep the covenant that we have failed to keep.

Have you seen the one I love…?


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