One More Penny

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One more penny, Ten more dimes
I collect thee, is no crime
I’m not stingy, I just need cash
To buy a ticket, dream world class
Live my destiny, boy it costs
Buy me freedom, to live somehow

When I was born, I had no purse
Today my bank had made me poor than of better worth
Does life really have to charge so much
For simple things like opportunity?

One more penny, we’re far from world class
Maybe if I stop this train, I’ll find a different ride
Maybe if I bid to live, I’ll purchase pride
Maybe if I dare to starve, I’ll come alive

Ten more dimes, I’m richer still
If I will risk it, wish me courageous will!
For the humble road, will better fare
My purpose waits, and freedom hides, under no pot of gold


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