Cook a Song If You Can

Photo Credits: Julie Edgley
Photo Credits: Julie Edgley

Cook a song if you can
Put some words in the pan
Add the honey on your tongue
Stir some rhyme, toss some lines

But don’t think I will fall
For the scripted ensemble
Though I’m tempted to dance
to your gifted preamble

I’m a girl but I’m fine
Love takes more than just wine
Cook a song if you can
But I’ll be just a fan

Though if that’s not your plight
Do not bake me a word tapestry
Instead strip your heart bare
Through a song if you dare

Don’t hesitate to sound lame
Or to not rule the game
Don’t just make the girl smile
Make it last, this you must

So it’s all up to you
If you want to be true
Or to just play it safe
With your sonnets
and a love that’s unscathed

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