Night Time

One teenage girl asked for access to one of our facilities so she can pray. At this late hour, we usually do not allow it. But I knew how precious a moment such as this could be for a young lady yearning for a time with God. I subtly influenced our acting manager to concede to the request. She entered the room, was left there by our staff and minutes later was heard crying.

“She must have a huge problem,” one of our staff said. “Well, maybe. Or maybe she’s just ‘praying,'” I said.

Tonight, I’m reminded of those nights when I was in that young lady’s place… Well, it doesn’t matter if it’s a problem she’s “crying over” or if it’s her “intercession” for a burden that came from God. It is God’s wooing and our ‘responding’ and our weeping and our longing that changes atmospheres and changes lives. I remember the many times my life had been irrevocably altered because of nights like these — just me and God, meeting to change destinies.


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