Spiritual Warfare

Last July 19, 2011, I started working in this company after an unexpected clearly divinely-orchestrated process. Just like my first and second full time jobs, I was not the one who initiated applying for the position. I was asked to apply for it. And this has seemed to be the trend by which God wants to move in my life.

But as soon as I started working here, it was as if I had embarked on a journey through a valley of resistance. Almost a year and a half of working here, I’ve already experienced being in intense warfare that I wanted to resign and be ejected right away from what I can best describe as intense spiritual assault on my physical and spiritual strength. But then, I saw a pattern in these cycles as I leaned on God for help. I saw a cycle of warring and victory. I still could not fully comprehend how to handle this season in my life, but I remembered how God had always answered so well each specific prayer we utter. Thus, I asked Him to lead me into a way by which I would gain understanding and knowledge in order to lay hold and deal shrewdly with what I am going through. I wish I had prayed this prayer earlier!

This morning, I came across a sermon by Kris Vallontton. I knew God was answering my prayer. I felt strongly led to get the book “Spirit Wars” and it was such a joyful leading! Then through that sermon, I was led to this video. To all of you who want to understand “warfare” more, check this out:


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