the blueprint prophetic art

A couple of months ago, right after a few weeks of storm, a young person in a special inter-church prayer meeting gave me this thing they call “prophetic art.”

I know it’s not exactly Da Vincci masterpiece kind of artwork, but tell you what, it was truly and powerfully prophetic.

More than a year ago, I read this book entitled “The Blueprint” by Jaeson Ma and it ruined my life in an unprecedented way. I never thought a book (other than the Bible) had the power to alter my decisions and philosophies in an absolute way. Until ‘The Blueprint.’

More than a year later (I think), I have been through seasons that should have washed away my determination to see a certain kind of revolution take place in the Philippine campuses. Well, it just wouldn’t go away. And though life today feels like a series of cycles that always  has a funeral somewhere in the cycle, I am surprised to find myself still kicking, not just alive, but kicking.

Thanks to sudden artworks that prophesy to you when you go to a meeting 2 hours away from where you live.


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