We just ended a worship-prayer meeting time with two tenants. Most of them were absent. But it was an awesome time of just magnifying who God is. And we agreed to move the worship meeting to 6am Thursdays so that the rest of the members of our group can join. To make sure they are available to join.

I was so blessed to hear Nathan’s heart for unity amongst different churches, us being from different local churches with one heart – to see Jesus glorified in the dorm and in the campus. I was also blessed by his heart for worshipping God. Such a worshipper. One of those dudes who could stay in God’s presence for HOURS. Faith has the same heart for worship. Addicts, if you wish to call them that… I must say, God encouraged me big time by allowing me to hear their hearts and thoughts.

Years ago, I prayed so may words. In a span of several years, I prayed. Various prayers with various people. Sometimes alone. People came in and left. Seasons changed. I transitioned from full time work to full time unemployment to part time volunteer- part time freelancer to full time freelancer to employed again. My prayers transitioned from faith to faith to faith. But now, the prayers have turned into answers. To my surprise and to the a place that makes me wide-eyed. I prayed for this. Specifically, for this. I dreamed this, shed tears for this, travailed for this, stayed awake for this, twisted and turned in my bed for this. This, which I see now. No, not yet the fulfillment of my biggest dream, but the signs that precede it, the provision that leads to it, the posts that point to it.

When you see the specifics of words you’ve uttered walking right before your eyes, you know you’ve struck gold. You have prayed right because you have prayed the very heart of God and now you know you are unstoppable. With such a heart, you are unstoppable. Nothing can hinder you if God is for you. And yes, He is with us. And so we continue to press on. We go on. We keep doing what we know is right. And this time, we do them even with more exuberance in our spirits. We’ve tasted the surface. We know what’s underneath. We scrape off the layers that separate dream and reality. Heaven is for real. And dreams do come to knock at your door.

The word was holy holy holy… the earth is full of your glory. We sense the call to hunger. The call to glory. The call to be swept away. The image is a vast sky on a starry night, a raging torrent, an endless ocean and a rising flood. The God that calls us is a god of increase. A god who will show us His glory. And will fill us with it.

My our actions speak boldly of this passion. 247. worship. prayer. revival. reformation. On with the revolution.


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