Longing for the New Jerusalem by Matt Gilman

♫ BEHOLD the Tabernacle of God will be with man and He will be our God and we will be His people… but until that day I’m LONGING for the New Jerusalem! I love the day of Your appearing. I wanna hasten Your return. The Spirit and the Bride say “Come!” ♫

Last night, I was weeping before God, at the thought of how much I still do not know Him. I thought that I am intimate with God but I was just struck last night with the realization of how tainted and limited my knowledge of who He is is. Thus, I do not know how to begin to approach the thought of His return. I want to know Him more. I want to long for Him with the purest heart. But am I really READY to meet Him face to face? So I was asking God, God open my eyes, give me the right heart, break my squeaky little box. And He said that the room I have prepared for Him is too small and so He could not enter ‘coz He could not fit inside. To receive Him would require a surrendering of precious comfort zones and prideful knowledge. I feel far from it… from coming to an understanding of who Jesus really is…

Then my friend sent me to a link to this song. And I knew that God is breaking my heart. He wants to break my heart and plough though my rigid thinking. Who is Jesus? What is He like? What will the New Jerusalem be like? I do not completely know or understand, but deep in my spirit I know that He is worth desiring and longing for… that He is everything (oh every good thing) that our aching hearts could ever wish for. He is! He is worth crying out for, “COME!” And He is the very one and the only one who can satisfy each and every longing in our hearts.


One thought on “Longing for the New Jerusalem by Matt Gilman

  1. This is all part of the journey we are on, to persevere day by day…getting to know God is lifetime project!
    I picked up a copy of “The Gospel of John” movie made in 2003 which uses a script, word for word from the book of John. It was a very realistic and well done movie and would highly recommend it especially as I found this to be a very fresh and meaningful way to learn about Jesus, in a visual way, more so than other similar movies I have seen. Made things stick in my brain in a bit different way than by reading the words myself.



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