Fools for Jesus

One composer wrote in the spirit of David:

“I wanna go to the deeper places, deeper places, to know the things of Your heart. I wanna find all the secret places, hidden places, ’til there is nothing left to know.” (Deeper Places, CFNI)

And I could just imaging God responding to that phrase, “’til there is nothing left to know” with a naughty smile, a shake in His head while saying “that’s not gonna happen.”

“That’s not gonna happen but… okay, you can say that and you can do just that and I find pleasure in hearing that that is the desire of your heart.”

And I’m reminded of David when He said to God that He wants to build Him a temple but God said, “No, your not gonna be the one to build it David, but I am happy that- and it is good that- you have that in your heart.”

I feel that many times, we don’t grasp the consequences of the things we say to God. And we don’t really speak from the knowledge of God’s specific will and plan. But as God looks at the tenderness of our longing and love for Him, He sees the very thing that matters — our sincerity of our raw declarations and our desperation for Him. And then He takes that with Fatherly pleasure. And then brandishes it saying, “Look at my child! He may not be all-knowing but he has discovered the SECRET to my heart. I am so pleased with him!”

And so o my fellow fools for Jesus, blessed day! God’s favor is upon us. 🙂


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