You Know Me

When I feel
I know (it’s because)
You love me
The subtle
The intense
And all shades
Of me, my emotions
Are strokes of Your hand

And the wind
That passes through the rain
Fails me to write
It’s the hardest thing to describe
How it feels to breathe a storm
But when it pours
I know You know me
Even better than the rain

I am not complicated
Not to You
You know my every thought
The way You know
each rain drop’s wanderings

Every thing I love
Was made by You
With the intention
Of making me beam with delight
Even the uninvented flavor
Of ice cream
That’s yet to be

Every word that I would write
And every feeling
I would fail to describe
You’ve already untangled

When I feel
I know that (it’s because)
You love me
And when I’m empty
I know it’s because
You will fill me

And my desire
Is Your breath awakening in me
My heart beat
Is Yours too
Coming alive


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