The War and The Full Armor

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. (Phil. 4:13)

I put on the full armor of God. (Ephesians 6:10-18)

I put on TRUTH. I gird my loins with truth.

I recognize God’s logos and rhema word as the only authority over my life and destiny. I expose every lie of the devil and I refuse to believe them or allow them to have any influence on me.

I put on the breastplate of RIGHTEOUSNESS,

which is Christ by His blood that covers me. I know that I am a sinner and that my ‘righteousness’ is like filthy rags. My righteousness is a free gift from Christ. I refuse to be lured to depend on my own ability to desire, will and do good. I refuse to base my joy on how well I have adhered to God’s law, or how successful I am in my walk. But my joy is based on what Jesus has done for me! I AM THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF CHRIST and this righteousness is by faith through grace. I walk and bust of anointing because of Christ in me. My heart will stay in love, therefore, as I revel in this truth.

I shod my feet with the GOSPEL OF PEACE.

I will not leave Christ’s message at home or in my locker. Nor will I keep it to myself. I will set my FEET to walk shod with it. It is the message that gives my WALK, purpose. It is the reason that I still breath and am not yet in heaven. I will walk in readiness to live out that purpose to speak up and not shrink back. I choose to be ready and discerning and sensitive to others’ need and hunger for an encounter with Christ.

I have trained and I will keep on training my muscles to carry this armor. I will train my e arms to lift up the shield of FAITH.

I will raise the shield of FAITH. I will recognize when the arrows are flying towards me. I will use truths of God’s word to counter every lie. I will search out for scriptures to use as defense against these arrows. My faith is based on God’s Word. And it is based on my trust in God’s faithfulness. When the devil says “No,” I say my God says “Yes!” I will refuse t be moved by doubt, by hesitation, by what I see, by dependence on my intellect and understanding, by timidity or fear. I refuse to delay my obedience. Instead I choose to step out in faith!

I put on the helmet of SALVATION.

My future is secured in eternity. I know that the deceiver will try to instill thoughts that will make me doubt my salvation, my future in God’s arms, and in the mansion He has prepared for me. My brain is wrapped up and soaked up in this revelation. o bullet of death shall hinder or halt my journey. It shall not touch my head because God has marked me to be preserved until His coming.

I raise up GOD’S WORD, the Sword of the Spirit.

Physical eyes may not see it, the unshakeable truths of God’s word, the unbeatable power of a double-edged weapon. It cuts through my soul and spirit, reveals my intentions and desires. It hits the enemy hard.

When I speak it, foundations are either shaken or established. Light comes forth when it is heard or uttered. Darkness flees when it is shouted out. Hearts are pierced at its firing, even the heart of the enemy is struck. Enemy blood spilled. Thousands put to flight at the faith-filled waving of this sword. It cuts through the sky and breaks clouds to send rain. It cuts, it severs, it kills, it destroys these obstacles, mockers and demons. It brings to life, resuscitates, revives, releases glory, breaks out, baptizes, unshackles, untangles, deciphers, soaks, waters, infiltrates, enlivens, pumps blood, resurrects…

I pray even more. Even more, I will pray… I am a warrior and my armor is full and equipped. I am not alone, but complete in my provision. I am part of an army. And I am the Beloved of the King, the Commander of this army.

I wrote this a couple of months ago during an intense season in my walk. At work, we are taught to daily “put on God’s Full Armor” in Ephesians 6:10-18. But I haven’t really pondered on what each piece means and how I can put it on each day. So I wrote this declaration for myself to recite every day.  But I have forgotten to continue this ritual before it could become a habit. Recently, I feel like I’m entering again another season of intense warfare and attacks and so was reminded that I have forgotten to use God’s Word as a powerful weapons through daily declarations and decrees over my life, family and workplace.

The daily battles that we face is no laughing matter. I believe that God’s grace has the ability to rescue us but God did not leave us without instructions, either, on how to wage our daily war for His Kingdom to come and for His glory to cover the earth. My prayer is that I would learn to always put on this armor, live and breath in the power of God’s word and presence. Hopefully, you will too. May we walk victorious lives, mighty in love and the wisdom of God. 🙂


4 thoughts on “The War and The Full Armor

    1. Thank you island traveler. 🙂 Yes, He is our rock, our firm foundation. So glad we can count on Him to keep us steady during times of shaking.


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