A Fathering Movement – wpa trip part 3


I thought the emceeing would be the most surprising thing that week, no not until I was told that I will be one of those praying on stage during the plenary session for the youth track. *Gulp*

Waiting for our turn. From far left (look at the tiny head dots lined up on stage at the side): Josh, Becky, Joe, Riz, Jonathan, Josh, Isaac, Brian, Steve

Pastor Jerome Ocampo shared about danger of isolation our young people is facing today. How crucial it is to turn to fathering the youth in order to fulfill God’s call for us as His people to bring and sustain REVIVAL because we can only be most powerful if we will be united as two or three generations fighting the war together.

Then as a gesture, one of the oldest leaders in the assembly, Brian Mills, repented on behalf of the fathers. It was the most humble and sincere gesture I’ve ever seen a mighty man of God make before 8 thousand people. Brian could hardly speak. He held the microphone but all he could do was bend forward and weep. Then he spoke words of repentance, barely able to hold himself up.

Behind him, seven of of young people were stunned just trying to take in the depth of his emotions. After speaking, he could barely walk out from where he was standing. I wanted to rush to him and say “it’s okay.” He turned to us young people and could barely walk the full five steps so we went to him and embraced him. In between sobs, he continued to speak his heart. We have formed a circle around him. And he kept speaking words of faith and encouragement.

I wouldn’t forget that he said that when he saw us standing there on the stage, he was so moved and encouraged that we were there. (I didn’t even understand why but now I’m beginning to.) Then he said something like, “You will do twice as much as we the older generation did, in half the time it took us to do it.” Then he said, “Are you getting this? Are your getting this? BE RELEASED! BE RELEASED TO DO WHAT YOU’RE CALLED TO DO. BE RELEASED! BE RELEASED!”

By that time, tears were already flowing incessant down my cheeks. I could not comprehend completely his words but I knew that they were powerful and were shifting things inside me. Stuff that seemed immovable. For the first time in many years of hearing God speak about great exploits he will give me, I started to believe that I really can be strong enough to press in for His will and purpose to be done through me. For the first time, I felt that there was someone apart from me who will believe the impossible with me.

Then I realized that I really cannot do “it” alone. So many times, I had felt that isolation that Pastor Jerome had talked about. I tried to run to fathers, mothers, mentors, but somehow always ended up feeling isolated and burdened with something I alone cared to carry. So I tried to carry it alone. I could almost do it alone. But it’s always just “almost.”

That  night, the Spirit of God revealed in my heart how much I needed the older generation. Just one word from Brian expressing his faith in our generation seem to have moved mountains of doubt inside me. It was that powerful. I believe that if we will learn to harness this relationship we have with fathers, mentors and elders, we as young people will be powerful beyond imagination. We were made to be launched, as part of a team — the bow and the arrow. Our full potential is unreachable without our fathers strength and wisdom. How can an arrow be a mighty arrow without a bow, right? In the same way, I just sensed a release in my spirit that night, even as a bow releases an arrow to flight. I need a bow it my life if I were to fulfill my purpose as an arrow.

After Brian, Joe Ahn represented the younger generation in releasing words of forgiveness and repentance towards the older generation. Then it was time to pray for the youth.

Because of that release, there was a strength that surged inside me. Suddenly, I felt empowered to pray.  I knew I could pray now because I had remembered an important part of what God has designed me for — for intercession.

One by one we prayed, and it was an intense and powerful time of prayer for the youth.

I praise and thank God for our leaders for the opportunity to be used for this generation to be released to its full potential and destiny. I pray that a fathering movement would impact the lives of millions of young and old across the globe. Let there orphans no longer. Abba, reveal to us your father heart.

Now I know our fathers and mothers are right behind us, cheering us on…

Now I know our fathers and mothers are right behind us, cheering us on…
*To watch for free a video of this plenary session, you may check: Praying for Regions – Led by Youth (1:19 onwards)
*Photos were taken by capturing the screen while watching the online videos. 🙂
*Sorry, I didn’t want to post my own photo. 😛 Well, okay, maybe one :))

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