Prayer Tower

By the third day, 16-May-2012, my mind was already overwhelmed by information from the so many people I had listened to. For a fact, God is doing so many things in different parts of the world though different individuals. I needed time to digest the things I heard and received. And I needed to my moment with God because we had been too busy rushing to and from our 1-hour-away hotel to the venue.

So I went to the prayer tower. Up on the twelfth floor of Sentul International Convention Center. I had expected it to be a quiet place for prayer (unless there’s corporate intercession happening) but it turned out that so many people were there praying in whichever style they were comfortable in. This meant that some were praying as individuals, in groups, by pairs, or even prophesying to each other, having prayers mixed with sharing, some of it loudly of moderately loud.

I took my ipod out to find out that it’s out of battery. Good job ipod. I still plugged the ear pieces in my ears and began to focus on God’s presence.

God’s spirit was powerful in the room. Ever experienced difficulty concentrating even though it’s already super quiet? Well, in there, it was  noisy but I heard God easily. It was an anointed place.

I wouldn’t trade moments like that for any huge gathering. But as an exception, I must say, what God did that evening, after this afternoon in the prayer room, was the breakthrough I needed the most. So crucial that I don’t think I would be able to move forward in God’s purpose for my life had I not been there to hear what I heard. But that story would be for my next post.

Photos of the Prayer Room. (There are two, this one is the “English Speaking” room.)

Hallway. To the left (English) or to the right (Indonesian)?

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